Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Quick Christmas Post

Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone is having a productive day, I know I am trying to. Can you believe there's only 14 days until Christmas? It's crazy how fast the season is just rushing by this year. I have gotten a lot done, but still have a lot to do. Christmas is my busiest time of the year and I have been trying to get as much done as I can. I'm lucky that I started my Christmas shopping so early, it's 99 percent done with just a couple things remaining. However, I still have plenty to do before the big day. Some of those are personal projects and some are things I have or need to do for others. I'm expecting to get it all done before the big day, but it might be a bit of a photo finish. I should be getting back to work, but I wanted to share something with you.

That's my titan American Girl on the straight leg body I got earlier in the year. I believe I already introduced her on the blog. Since I'm running out of room on the vintage shelves she currently lives on Charlotte's shelf, which means she gets a Christmas dress. I didn't make this one for her though. I made it last year for the Blonde Ponytail. It's a perfectly lovely dress, but it never seemed to work for the Ponytail. She did wear it last year, but she is slated to get a new dress this year. That left this dress free for someone else. (I actually have a couple spare dresses). I'm still not totally in love with this dress (I honestly wish I had made the skirt a touch longer), but I like it a lot better on her than the
ponytail. Her coloring works much better for it. I also made her necklace, ironically it was made for a third doll, but ended up not working for her either. Her shoes are those white pumps I bought from China (which I still love with a passion). Her purse is vintage and borrowed from another doll (who will be getting it back in time). Her glove is also vintage, but actually belongs to her. I just have the one but I like it because it covers up the fact she's missing the top of her right index finger. This doll might not always live on Charlotte's shelf, but for this Christmas she gets to be just as festive as the rest of them!

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