Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving (those that celebrate Thanksgiving that is). Mine was mostly good. Ours was delayed until Sunday since my sister was away for the actual day (doing something fun). Which really isn't a big deal to me, the holiday is the important thing. When you celebrate it really doesn't matter. My day was slightly colored with what had happened the night before. I was was cross over some things and talked to my parents about it, and my mom got upset over it, and was possibly mad at me. It was just a real mess and the sooner I put it behind me the better. I think things are fine now, but in this case only time will tell. But the food came out well and we all had a good time so the day itself was good.

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over we can start talking about Christmas! I won't lie, I've already been doing Christmas stuff. Since I was sick last year and nothing got done outside of the basics I wanted to celebrate properly this year. I've already done the majority of present shopping for the family, started wrapping some of them, and started decorating my room for the holiday.
The majority of my decorating is decorating Charlotte's shelf, which means dressing the dolls that live there in their Christmas outfits. Several of them do have their own Christmas outfits, but several of them do not. That's because they're either new from last year or I don't like what they wore last year. And there's also Charlotte who in an ideal world would get a new outfit each year. I haven't been sewing much lately, but I decided to give it a go last week. I decided to make Charlotte her new Christmas outfit. I was going to start with a black bodysuit since her last one was given to a Silkstone right after I finished it, ages ago and she needed a new one. I also had an idea of using it in a Christmas outfit. I've been having decent luck with sewing knits, so I wasn't as concerned about messing it up. It came out pretty good. I did have one issue with lighting since it was dark and I was sewing at night and it caused once leg hole to get messed up. It's not too bad, it's just cut lower than it should be and causes a ripple in the fabric when the doll's leg is out. I'm not too concerned since it's not seen when there's something covering the lower half. And if it bugs me too much I can make another one. It's not like I can't use another black bodysuit.
After that I made a skirt. I wanted a Christmas fabric skirt to make it fitting for Christmas. I thought I was going to use some green holly calico fabric I have but when I was getting it out I found a red with candy canes fabric I've had for ages. I can't tell you how long I've had it, but if it was a person I could be in a common law marriage with it by now. I really like it, but it's over-sized print doesn't work well for Barbie sewing. But when it's a large full skirt enough of the print is seen to make it readable. The only bit of machine sewing was from attaching the skirt to the waistband, I sewed the rest of it by hand (it was mostly hemming). I also made the belt, but it's really simple, it just has a snap sewn to the back with a fake buckle on the front.
And I actually really like it. It looked really cute on Charlotte. However, it didn't stay with her. I wasn't in love with it on her. I already knew this was something that could happen. I did try it on another doll that needed an outfit. It sorta worked for her too, but again I wasn't in love with it. That doll was on the pivotal body and the bodysuit was very loose, also the skirt fell oddly on her waist. I ended up trying it on Artemis. Artemis has a Christmas dress already, but it's a really early one I made so there's a lot of sewing issues with it. She and Charlotte have the same body type so there isn't any fit issues. I think it really works well with her vintage styling, so she gets to keep it. However, this is just for Christmas. Once everyone goes back to their regular clothes Charlotte gets her bodysuit back. It's not fair to take two from her!

And back to the drawing board for Charlotte (although I already have another idea for an outfit for her).

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