Saturday, December 27, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like the day after Christmas!

I ended up going out into town the day after Christmas. The reason? To hit up the after Christmas sales. I was hoping to score on Christmas ornaments and Christmas candy. Christmas candy ended up being a total wash, nobody had any on sale. I guess they've decided that it still retains it's value the day after Christmas and won't knock down the price until further after Christmas.
Christmas ornaments however were still fair game. By 10 in the morning when I rolled into the Hallmark store in the mall they had signs up saying that all ornaments were 50 percent off. I looked through the remaining stock and picked out two ornaments for my sister (never too early to shop for Christmas 2015!), one for myself, and a Phineas and Ferb ornament for my mother (the reason why I went out in the first place). That Phineas and Ferb ornament was a pain to find. It was on the display unit away from the other Disney ornaments. I almost left the store without it since I thought they were sold out. Luckily I searched again for it and found it on my third go around. Can you believe I spent 35 dollars on ornaments, so I would have spent 70 dollars at full price.... and that's just for four ornaments! It's mind blowing how expensive they are.
I was able to avoid the Hobby Lobby after Christmas sales. I normally hit them up for tulle that I use in sewing (they have huge rolls that are pretty cheap after Christmas), but skipped them this year. I'm still working my way through rolls that are over two years old at this point. The only color I'm missing from what they offer at Christmas is the florescent green and I rarely use that color. I bought a roll of white last year in case I ran out of the one I've been using for several years now and I'm still not even close to running out so I haven't even touched the "new" roll. So I was good and didn't bother going.
However I was bad and went to the thrift stores that were open. Surprisingly most of them were open the day after Christmas. However, there were slim pickings at them. I did find a still sealed Apples to Apples travel game for two dollars. We have that game already, but this one claimed to be all new cards. Haven't played yet, but we shall see if it is all new. I also ended up stopping by one of the Antique stores on Sunset. They didn't have a lot of new things, but I did see a booth that had some Monster High dolls! I'm not activly collecting them, but if I do find them I will look at them. They had one Lagoona (missing a hand), one Frankie, and a Create A Monster Witch and Cat. I already
have Frankie and didn't want a Lagoona that was missing parts, but I did pick up the Witch. She was nude and without a wig but I really do like her. She's got such pretty coloring. She reminds me of that new character, the witch singer. But this one didn't have that purple and orange streaked hair (no hair at all in fact). She was 5 dollars, but was half off. Everything in that booth is always half off. So for 2.50 I thought she'd be a good purchase, even if I didn't decide to keep her. Quick question for my Monster High collecting readers, is the witch supposed to have really stubby fingers on one hand?
My witch has really short fingers on her left hand, but a normally sized thumb. The fingers haven't been cut, but are seriously shorter than they should be. I guess they just weren't molded properly. She's in nice shape, knees are a little loose and she has a couple spots on her head that might need the acne cream treatment. I am glad I got her, she's so striking!
When I got her the witch had one pink thigh. I was willing to live with that, but as I carried her around the store I wondered if the cat, who was pink, had a green thigh. I went back and checked, and sure enough she did. I decided to get the cat too, mainly because I wanted the completely green witch. She was also 2.50. She came with her original black t-shirt, a purple and blue bobbed wig, and first issue Deuce's pants. No tail or ears though. She's mostly in good shape, except she has a stressed out knee joint. I guess someone was a bit too rough when removing her leg. I'm not sure if there's anything you can do to to fix that. I'm just being careful, it's not like I'm going to be removing the legs. I really don't like doing that since the posts can be so delicate.

So that's my two newest Monster High dolls. I like the witch much more than the cat, even with her stumpy fingers. Right now I'm not sure if the cat will be staying. They're here right now, but who knows what the future holds. I only like Monster High, so eventually they could be on the chopping block. 

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  1. Have you thought about One of a Kinding the cat?