Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hello Everyone,

Per usual this post is a little late, but I hope everyone that celebrates had a happy holiday and I hope all that don't still had a good day. My day was mostly okay. Dinner had a few new kinks but everything mostly worked out (few things I will NOT be doing again next year). After dinner my family opened presents, followed by games. I will admit games was a lot of fun. I got several nice presents (some of which will be shared with you in time) and I think everyone else got some nice presents. A lot of work went into the day, but I think it was totally worth it.

I wanted to share with you the picture of Charlotte's shelf this Christmas season.
You might notice there's someone missing.... Charlotte didn't get a dress made for her. Poor Charlotte, the shelf's named after her but she didn't even get a dress this season! I didn't even start one for her! And the worst thing is, I was actually doing a lot of sewing this December. In the picture above Artemis, Audrey Hepburn, Joe, and the Ponytail Barbie are all wearing brand new outfits. I just ran out of time for Charlotte. I finished Audrey Hepburn's dress on the 23rd and didn't have time with everything else I needed to do. Luckily Charlotte's understanding.

Also new this year is that Reindeer figurine, I had to display in on the shelf, I just love it. For a project that I was hesitant on even buying in the first place it came out wonderfully and it's proof I can actually finish something! And so far the Elmer's glue is holding the rhinestones on wonderfully. The knee hugger elf is also new, I found him a thrift store for three dollars earlier in the month. He's made in Japan according to the sticker on his back. They just put him out at the store and I snatched him up so fast when I saw him. The little nutcrackers are new too. They were pins that I popped the poorly hot glued pin backs off of. They are practically perfect scale for the dolls!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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