Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Oooh Girl, your face is beat!" (Don't worry, it's a good thing)

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to be sightly more proactive in introducing new dolls on the blog. The paper box top (that I was hoping to throw out once I got it empty) has once again accumulated a stack of dolls I want to share with you all. Some of these dolls date as far back as as September! Ugh, I really need to be better at this. I'm not sharing with you one of those older dolls just yet, but I will be sharing with you all one of my newer acquisitions. I actually got her the same day as TNT Skipper, just later in the day.

At the doll meeting, one of the doll club's members was selling a bunch of his dolls with the hopes of raising enough money to buy one much more expensive doll he really wanted to get. I already had contacted him about one doll he had and that doll was waiting for me when I arrived (more on that another day), but there was another doll he had that I was interested in, but was really trying to talk myself out of getting. This was not my first time trying to talk myself out this particular doll.  
He had posted all of the dolls he was selling over on Flickr and I forced myself to not comment on the picture that contained the doll I was interested in. I had also talked myself out of emailing him over it. I literally had to close an email draft and step away from the computer. I thought it was behind me, however I was not expecting to find an entire spread of dolls for sale when I walked into the meeting. I did try to be good and while I looked at her I did not try to buy her (it helped that I didn't have enough money on me). I was hoping that someone else would buy her and my struggle would be over. At least two people almost did. The first person who had the doll ended up putting it back when they found out who the doll was.
At the end of the meeting he was packing up the doll that didn't sell when I commented to him how she was almost sold a couple of times and that I was trying to avoid her. He suggested I make an offer on her. I told him that I didn't have any money but he was fine getting paid later. I offered him ten (same price that the other person who put her back was going to pay) and he accepted. Apparently I was destined to get this doll, or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

Who is this doll that ended up coming home with me? Why it's Rupaul, the famous drag artist! 
A little information for people who don't know, you address a drag artist by the gender which they are presenting at that time. So this doll will always be addressed as she. 
Rupaul the RuDoll was made by Integrity toys. With her, she's my fifth Integrity doll to join the collection (third full Integrity doll since Vanessa and Pierre are both on Mattel bodies). Her body is different than the other two dolls I have that came with their original bodies. Her body has limited articulation. She can move at the neck (not very well), shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. I don't mind the limited articulation, not every doll needs lots of joints. I do wish her legs were able to be straightened, the right one always needs to be slightly forward. I keep forgetting that and trying to push is back and it's getting an indent from her hard plastic rear end. I believe this is the same body as the basic ITBE dolls that Integrity released several years back. I actually like it for what it is. The arm sculpts are very elegant and graceful, I wish the bent hand was a bit more versatile but I can live with it as it is. Rupaul has somewhat different proportions than vintage Barbie, but I was able to get her to wear clothes made for them pretty decently. I bought her nude, so it's interesting to see what I have that fits
her. I think the outfits that aren't super tight on Barbie she can wear. She's got a larger bust but a smaller waist. Pants might be difficult since she is so tall (which I like since the real Rupaul is very tall). She does have left and right specific feet like the Model Muse bodies, but I think her feet are larger. I was able to get her to wear some Barbie shoes I had, but only if they have a bit of flex to them. Hard shoes just couldn't fit. Luckily she's the only doll with feet like this, so she doesn't have much competition for shoes that fit her. That is if she ever gets dressed, I have a lot of dolls ahead of her waiting to be dressed.
I did do some slight customization to her. I removed her large hoop earrings (don't know if Integrity dolls get green ear, but I want to avoid the risk) and her necklace. I'm also trying to straighten her hair. As a child who grew up in the 90's, I loathe crimped hair. I'll most likely never get it straight, but I can at least ease it out some. I do really like her, she's a really pretty doll. For a doll that I was really hesitant about getting I like her a lot. I've been playing with her a lot. She even got to wear a Christmas outfit this Christmas. I will have to be careful with her though, she's almost at the height of the shelves on the bookshelf and I don't know where she could go if she ended up too tall! I'll have to be careful what shoes she ends up with, nothing too tall!

Totally unrelated, can you believe there's only two days until Christmas! I have so much to get done! 

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