Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I've been sewing!

Since I've been trying to cut back on buying new dolls I've actually be doing some sewing. I'm still not doing as much as I used to but I am slowly getting back into it. I'm still having issues with being unsatisfied with the quality of my work and have plenty of times where I give up, but have actually finished a few items that I started.
The other day I started working on some pants. I needed some for an Integrity Homme doll, who will be introduced to you all when I finally get my Christmas present post finished (I have it started, I promise). I already have several different sized patterns as options for starting point for him. I just had to find the best one. The first thing I tried was putting him in a pair of pants for Joe. I guess I was thinking that since they were both big they would be the closest match. However, Joe is a thicker kind of big, the homme is just really tall. He's actually the closest in size to vintage Ken, just a lot taller (because of his legs). So I ended up using a vintage Ken pants pattern to make his pants pattern. I knew he would need some length to the pants so that was the first thing I changed on the pattern. After making a test pair and trying them on him, I ended up doing a few more minor tweaks. I tested it after that and felt they fit pretty decently. So I decided to use some decent fabric and sew a pair for real. I used that plaid John Deere fabric that I just love. They came together pretty easily. I did have one issue where one hem didn't match up, but I was able to adjust it to get it to fit. I was pleased how they came out and how they fit, but I'm going to have to adjust the pattern again. These are a bit too tight. I mean, they fit fine, but don't have enough space at the waist to allow a shirt to be tucked in. Which is fine, not every shirt needs to be tucked in. These will just be his untucked shirt pants!  

Showing off the fake pockets

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  1. Hello Aubrey,
    The pants are great.! beautiful job cutting. The fit is terrific...it brings me back to my club days.
    Big hug