Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sometimes, I buy lemons.

Late last year I got a new doll obsession (other than the Disney store Princess shoes, which is still going strong by the way). I suddenly found myself really intersted in Tammy and her friends and family. Not sure how it started, but I would find myself on Ebay several times a day checking out the new listings and just seeing what was availible.
I actually already have a Tammy doll, I found her locally over a year ago now so I was mainly interested in her family, specifically the men in her life. It's nothing against her mother and sister, but I have so many female dolls it's interesting seeing male characters who are someone other than the boyfriend (I do like Tammy's boyfriend Bud, but since he's so rare and expensive I doubt I'll ever own him). Luckily for the most part Tammy's family are rather affordable. However for such a passing fancy, I still wanted to get a bargain (Shocker, I'm being cheap). I was focusing on both Tammy's father and her brother Ted. Ebay did have someone selling her father rather cheaply as a buy it now. He did have some issues, but when he was under 12 dollars including shipping I could live with some of them and fix some of the others. The seller had a make an offer option for the auction which I did. Obviously they accepted my offer and I got him for 10 dollars including shipping. Which is always a nice thing... or so I thought.

I was in for a bit of a shock when he arrived. Tammy's Dad has had a hard life (it must be hard when your doll line gets discontinued). He has paint wear to his head which is very common to any doll with painted hair. Oddly his right ring finger is stained a bright green (haven't bothered with acne cream yet), some staining to his upper arm, a fold to his neck in the back (I thought I could repair this, but I think his neck actually stretched), a slightly squashed torso leaving one leg hole warped, and, worst of all, three cuts to his chin at the front of his face. From the listing I knew about the stains, the paint wear, and the bend to the back of the neck. So I was pretty annoyed when he arrived with more damage than what I was expecting, especially about the cuts to his face which were not disclosed or visible in the pictures. I was unhappy with my purchase, but I wasn't sure what to do. I thought about returning him, but I really don't want to spent 3 dollars on shipping for a 7 dollar doll. And I felt it was pointless to contact the seller for a partial refund since again, it was such a small amount. I thought long and hard about it and ended up leaving a neutral for the seller, the first time I've ever done that. I still feel sort of guilty about it, but those issues really should have been disclosed.
For a long time I wasn't sure what I was going to do with Tammy's father (does he have a name, it's kind of odd to keep referring to him as Tammy's father). He's not worth much so I wouldn't bother re-listing him and I did think about just sticking him in a box and forgetting all about him. However I've decided that I'm going to give him some flocked facial hair to cover his cuts and live with the rest. I still have to find where to buy flocking, but I'm satisfied with that solution so I put him in the box top with the other dolls I need to share with you on the blog. He doesn't sell for very much even without all the damage mine has, so it wouldn't be too costly to get a better condition replacement one to keep original.
Today I pulled him out to share with you all (I really am trying to get all caught up). I also still had
my Homme doll on the desk with his new pants. On a whim I tried his plaid pants on Tammy's Dad. They actually fit really well. The only fit issue was that they were a little bit too long. They actually fit better on him than the Homme. I'm able to tuck a shirt into them! I proved this by using the white button up shirt from cheerleader Ken. I slightly modified it by taking off one of the pockets (the one with the logo), undoing the side seams, unrolling the sleeves and hemming them. It's now a much more traditional button up shirt. I actually really liked him in it. I also give him a pair of black dress shoes. These are from the High School Musical Ryan doll, who's a teen sized doll. For a doll that's bigger than Ken (mainly because of his large noggin), he has tiny feet. Most of the Ken shoes were too big for him! Luckily these fit him. I also gave him a pair of glasses, these are just a loaner pair since they belong to Joe. I do like how he looks in them so I might end up breaking down and buying some of those larger than Barbie glasses from Aliexpress. And just like that he was dressed! I do have an issue as to where to display him, he's just too tall to go on any of the shelves of the bookcase. I'm not sure where he's going to go!

And want to see something really freaky? 
On the left is my Grandfather circa 1964, on the right Tammy's dad. 

Does this make Tammy my aunt?


  1. This is perfect! I was going to contact you to ask if you have seen the glasses on the Barbie in Princess Power Reporter Ken and the I Can Be Architect Barbie. Both are really nice. They're realistically shaped and they're black. Tammy's dad has a big head though, so they might not fit him, especially the Barbie ones. Try My Scene glasses. I suppose Bratz or Moxie Girlz would be too big?

  2. You can get scrapbook flocking, or nail flocking which both work well for dolls so check your local craft store lol.

  3. Hello Aubrey,
    I'm so happy you've rediscovered long lost relatives! It really is a shame about all the damage, but I have a feeling you will be able to correct and work with what you have. Good luck on collecting the other figures.
    Big hug,