Sunday, January 18, 2015

Superstar Barbie just had to have Superstar Friends!

Per usual I was over on Etsy scoping out the newly listed Barbie items. There weren't too many new things, but they don't really add up when you check as often as I do. There were a couple new listings, including one that was sort of interesting to me. It was the 12 inch version of Cheryl Ladd from Mattel. Cheryl Ladd was one of the celebrity dolls that Mattel released in the 1970's. (You may remember I compiled that list several months ago, finding this doll was the reason why I did that). I'm not really interested in dolls that "new", and I never have much luck with celebrity dolls (just ask Donnie and Marie who no longer live here), but Cheryl was only seven dollars including shipping, so I decided to get her. I figured that even if we didn't click I could use her body. She has the later issue straight cut waist, but she did have the Mexico arms, so another 70's era doll could always use her body. She also came fully dressed including shoes and I was hoping her shoes were Superstar era shoes that someone else could wear. (Charlotte does love wearing Superstar pumps)
Sadly, her shoes are clone shoes. I can still use them on Bend leg dolls, but quite honestly I doubt I
will. I know I've said this before, but I just don't use purple in the collection. I don't have anything against it, I just don't gravitate to it for some reason. Cheryl also came with a pair of turquoise pants with a silver elastic waist (I haven't bothered identifying these pants, but I'd bet they're 70's or 80's era Barbie pants) and a striped partially un-hemmed tube top. The bottom of the stitching on the tube top has come undone, but it's really not an issue for me. I really do not care for it. I'm not sure if I'm even going to bother repairing it. It'll just be banished into some bag around here until I get rid of it.
So pretty much Cheryl's clothes were a wash. I will be keeping the pants and shoes, but I doubt I'll ever actually use them.
However, my seven dollar expense wasn't in vain. Cheryl herself is in
amazing condition. She doesn't seemed to be played with much, if at all. She's practically perfect, all she needed was some light cleaning. Great hair, perfect face paint, body looks amazing, she's really a great example of this doll. So my seven dollars were well spent. I will say I'm not totally sure if she'll live here forever. In the 1970's the celebrity dolls got their own unique head mold and I kind of prefer the earlier dolls that used already made head molds but with unique hair and paint. They fit in better with the other dolls. She might end up going the way of Donnie and Marie. I will say, in her favor, I think that she looks an awful lot like Jane Curtain. And quite honestly, she might have more staying power as Jane Curtain than Cheryl Ladd.

No offense to Cheryl Ladd. 

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