Sunday, February 1, 2015

I survived January! My bank account... not so much...

Hello Dear Readers,

Now that the first month of 2015 is over, it's time to share with you my standings on my new years resolutions.

Short answer, I failed. 

I decided to hold off on the diet/exercise because quite frankly, it's winter. It's too cold and gets too dark too early to put in the effort for that. In spring it'll be easier for me. Right now I'm just focusing on toughing out the cold weather. And I do know that the North has it a lot worse than I do, I will point out that their houses are most likely a lot better suited for cold weather. This house is so drafty that when it's cold outside, it tends to be cold inside. And I will say that for someone who grew up in Connecticut, went to school in New Hampshire, and lived one winter in Maine I've paid my dues. I have every right to complain about winter!

But that's really not the reason why I've failed so far,  the real reason is the whole "not spending so much, and stop buying dolls". Sad thing is, I was doing really good for a while. I spent most of January not buying a single thing. (Not including the 5 dollar Cheerleader Ken dolls that Walmart clearanced out at 5 dollars that I managed to buy 3 of, but at that price they were practically giving them away). It wasn't until around the 17th that I bought my first doll to add to the collection. And while I was hoping that little splurge was the only purchase after it happened it seemed like I couldn't stop myself. I ended up buying three more dolls online. And the worst part is, they were all Disney dolls that I bought so I could steal their shoes. Granted I bought most of them cheaper than their original retail price, but it's still money that is going out. I do plan on reselling most of them, but that's a double edged sword. I also said I was going to stop buying stuff for resale since I already have too much I'm trying to get rid of! I'm trying to have a quick turn around for these dolls to hopefully get my money back, but that's only if they sell. I am literally swimming in shoeless Disney dolls! (Actually most of them get Barbie shoes as replacements).

I did have a very good Ebay month to afford all these purchases, but I seriously need to be better about spending. I managed to make some small steps forward in getting my finances in a better place, but nowhere near as good as it could have been if I hadn't bought anything. And sadly, there's still plenty of things I want. I wish I could just turn off that part of my brain that keeps wanting new dolls! Or at least the part of me that likes to window shop until I find something I want.

Hopefully February will be better, but I'm not too sure. The beast that is new doll wants has been awakened and who knows when it will be satisfied!  

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  1. Hello Aubrey,
    While I do believe it is good to not spend for a while, it would have been a shame to miss out on your purchases. You never know when luck will strike again. Good for you!
    Big hug,