Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hello again!

I'm trying to be better about blogging. Not sure how often new posts will be, but I will at least try to not allow such long break in-between blogs from me.
Today's post is going to be another doll introduction post, just slightly different than usual. It's different because I've already introduced this doll, in fact it might be the third time I've talked about her!

The doll is Free Movin' P.J., a doll I last talked about here. In that post I was talking about how I finished repairing a 70's era body to put her on. I wasn't expecting to find a free movin' body for her and I really didn't care enough to hunt one down for her. But wouldn't you know the Universe had other plans for P.J.. When I hung out with my doll friend to look through what parts he had I found a free movin' body. It was missing it's legs but otherwise was in good played with shape. It did have the palm to rear hands that I detest, but I don't dislike them enough to not buy the body.
I replaced the leg posts a few days after buying it, I also dealt with the minor melting it had going on.
After that P.J. made the switch over from the body she was on to this new one. Which is good since I had bought a pretty Deluxe Quick Curl Barbie head at the same time and she needed that body. However P.J. still had an issue she came with, someone had cut her hair right at the start of her part line. Not enough to warrant a full re-root, but enough to need something done. I ended up buying hair for a partial re-root. P.J.'s hair was a blend of two colors. This was my first time buying blended hair, and I'm not that impressed with it. I had a hard time blending the two colors together so it didn't look like highlights in the hair. (I was really not that successful) You can also tell the difference between the old and new hair, but it works for me. For what I paid for her P.J. was worth it (especially since her head came in a lot of stuff), but I'd never seek her out. However, I will say that I like her a lot more than I thought I would. That free movin' feature is fun, even if she looks like she's
having a physical issue instead of moving gracefully.

Hopefully this will be the last introductory posts about P.J. and the next time I'm talking about her it's because I dressed her!

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