Thursday, May 28, 2015

Seeing Double!

I started a new E-bay account so I could start listing sewing patterns all in one place. Since I had a "new" account that I hadn't used yet E-bay sent me a 10 dollar off coupon off an item 25 dollars or more (not including shipping). I opened the account right before I started working so my E-bay time has been extremely limited. The first coupon I let expire. I did look to see what was listed that interested me, but I really didn't find anything. I didn't want to spend too much and all the vintage dolls in my price range I already had similar dolls of. And really, if I'm spending more money on a doll than I normally would just to use the coupon I'm not really getting that much of a deal, am I?

But then they sent me a second coupon (and oddly a few days after that a third coupon showed up in my inbox even though the second one hadn't expired yet). Again I was in the same boat with vintage dolls, I have so many of them that unless I find a great deal I really don't need any more. Unrelated to all this I've been wanting another Audrey Hepburn doll. Most places have sold out of the Roman Holiday doll except for the Mattel Collector site. As of a few weeks ago they had her for just over 20 dollars, but they really gouge you on shipping. I'm not sure what's compelling me to want another one. I do like the first one I have, but I'm already dreading re-rooting her and I don't play with her enough to justify a second one. I think I just like getting a deal on it and right now everywhere else I see her prices climbing so I want to get a second one while I still can, no matter how illogical getting a second one would be.

I did look up the costs of getting a second Roman Holiday doll on E-bay to see if the coupon would make getting one more cost effective. Then I had a thought, why don't I check to see if there were any listings for the first Audrey Hepburn doll, a doll that I did miss out when it was first released that I've come close to getting several different times but keep missing out on. And since this doll used a different face mold, getting one wouldn't be just buying the same doll again. I looked it up and found one MIB for 35 with 10 dollars shipping. Using the coupon would be like getting free shipping. I thought about it for a little bit and decided to do it. It would satisfy my Audrey Hepburn doll want and since I had both dolls, maybe I would prefer one better and only keep my favorite and let the other one go.

I bought it late on Saturday paying 10 dollars for priority shipping. However (I already posted my issues with this), the seller didn't get it into the mail until Thursday. I understand not getting into the mail on Saturday or Monday (Memorial Day) but Tuesday and Wednesday are a bit much waiting to get it into the mail. And I checked, they said nothing in their listings about only shipping on certain days or waiting X number of days until they get things into the mail. *Sigh*, even though it's annoying I did survive the wait (barely).

Audrey Hepburn arrived well packaged, at least they had that going for them. Like I said she was
MIB, but the box did have several spots of shelf wear, which was fine with me since I wanted to open her! There's less guilt that way. In a matter of minutes, she was free from her box. I also removed all of her clothes. The one I bought was the "Pink Princess" version because it's cheaper than the black dress version. I plan on keeping the shoes and tiara and reselling the rest of her clothes to make some of my money back. The pink satin they used for the coat and purse tends to get splotchy over time and mine has that issue too, but hopefully the dress and tights will be of some interest to people. And the coat isn't terrible, just not uniformly pink. I also ended up switching the body on mine. She originally comes with a Shawni body, but I prefer her on a different body. I wanted a body that was articulated and a bit closer to her real life proportions. I compared her skin tone to the pivotal body I have Roman Holiday on and it wasn't a great match. This new version (really the old version) is a lot more pink than Roman Holiday. I ended up settling with a Dream House Midge doll's body. The head is a little bit lighter than the body, but it's really not that bad. Her original body will also be resold.

After I got her on a new body it was time to compare her to the other doll.... and it's kind of a tie. I really don't have one I prefer over the other. Right now I like them both for different reasons. They're both going to need hair work. Roman Holiday needs an entire re-root but I think that Breakfast at Tiffany's could get by with just a partial re-root. I want to get rid of her blonde streaks and bulk up her bangs. I will admit that Roman Holiday was winning in my preference until I stole her dress for the new doll. She was still wearing her Christmas dress. Dressing her in something the real Audrey would have worn made her look more like her. The hat also helped a great deal since it smushed down her bangs to make them look less wispy.

So maybe there's room for both of them in the collection, for now it seems. They both look like Audrey Hepburn (to me), but I think Roman Holiday looks a lot younger while Breakfast at Tiffany's looks more mature. So for now I'm just going to hold onto both of them and enjoy them. Who knows what the future holds, but for now they both stay.   

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