Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Welcome to the family.... literally!

Our story starts last Wednesday, the start of my seven day work stretch. I was going in at 4 since it was the last day my coworker was going to be there before vacation and they had her working the day time. I was getting ready to go out when I noticed that I was very close to running out of mouthwash and in the shower I noticed that I was getting very close to also running out of shampoo. Since I was going to be working a LOT in the next seven days I decided to go out early to get replacements. When I'm working I don't want to have to make any stops on the way home. I deal with the general public enough during my day, once I'm off the clock I just want to go home and not be around people.
Since I was going out anyway I decided to leave even earlier and visit the local thrift stores. Now that I'm working I haven't been going nearly as much. I just don't have the time when I'm working and when I have a day off I hate spending so much time driving around town when I could be using it to work on the bunch of doll projects I've been neglecting, or you know be busy doing nothing. Since it was a work day, it was already ruined so I decided to go out earlier and hit up the thrift stores.
They were pretty much all a bust. Nothing of real interest in any of them, which stinks but I really don't need more stuff. Right now I should be focused on clearing out what I don't want instead of getting more. I have been better about only buying what I love compared to what I just like. I've also been a lot better about buying stuff fore resale. Haven't had much time to list new things on E-bay, so there's no point adding more to the pile.
 Quick side note, when I was at Walmart getting the shampoo and mouthwash I checked in their toy section. There's two new Fashionistas that have been showing up at random stores that I'm interested in. One of them I like their dress and the other I like the doll. I was thinking about getting them keeping what I like and reselling the rest but I found out Walmart jacked up the price of the Fashionistas! They used to be under 8, but now they're around 10. They didn't have the ones I wanted, but it's not a big deal any more. At eight they were a maybe, but at ten I'm no longer interested. And Walmart's shot itself in the foot with this one, now they're selling them for the same price as everyone else. I have no reason to step foot into Walmart to check for the few I still am looking for. So I won't be popping in and getting anything else since I'm already there. Your loss Walmart, your loss.

Anyway, thrift stores were a bust, but I did end up popping into one of the antique stores along
Sunset. I had been there fairly recently, but not that recently since the woman that owns it commented on my shorter hair. I guess that when I've been there since November she hasn't been working. I do miss my long hair, but you do what you have to do. The antique store was pretty much the same as the last time I had been there. However, I did find something to buy. I found Pepper, Tammy's little sister. I have a very small Tammy collection, and while I'm not seeking them out that much I would like to complete my collection of Tammy and her family. Right now I have Tammy, her father (who I want to get a better condition version of), and now Pepper.

My Pepper is the Pos'n version with the wires in her arms and legs. I didn't know this, but both arms and both legs are attached together. For a doll that's designed to "pos" it's really counter productive to not be able to lift one arm without having the other one move too. I think I'd prefer a doll without this feature if I was a child. Pepper can't even wave! According to her markings I believe she's the 1965 version. She has light brown hair in a bubble cut. She's in very nice shape, played with but not
too much. When I got her, her arms were bent. I assume she's been like that for a long time since she has white stress marks on the insides of her elbows. I tried easing them out with hot water, but no luck. Other than that she's in very nice shape. She has amazing face paint. I'm not sure if I'll get rid of the little dot of extra lip paint she has on her cheek. I still have to fix her hair, haven't had time for it yet. When I found her Pepper was prices at 9.50, but when asked her price was lowered to 8.50. Oh! I almost forgot, when I found her she was wearing Skooter's original swimsuit bottoms. The elastic's shot, but they look nice. I might try selling those on E-bay.

And so with Pepper joining my Tammy family I'm just missing, Tammy's Mom, Pete, and Tim. I'm not focusing on friend's just yet, but I do have Misty's head I got in a lot.

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