Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Work, work, work, I'll never get my dress; re-root; restoration; blogging done

Hello Dear Readers,

I am exhausted! What a week! I just finished a seven days work week. Part of it was "paying off" getting my days off early last week, but it's not like I got to pick that. My full time co-worker is taking over a week off since her brother and sister in law are coming to town and I guess I'm kinda picking up the slack. I say kinda since even though I'm part time I usually get 30 hours a week on the schedule. Compared to the fellow part timers who one of them has 20 hours listed this week and that's the most I've ever seen one of them be scheduled. Traditionally they get 15 hours or less. But I am apparently in charge of making sure all the signs are put up on time and scanned into the system. I think it's funny, I've been working there for a little over 60 days and it's all fallen on me. And I'm even including supervisors not bothering to check to make sure it's getting done. I worked every single day this Memorial day weekend and on Monday we had a fair amount of people (which was great since the days before that had been DEAD). I was opening alone (like usual) so the signs didn't get set up since I was dealing with customers. My co-worker came in at 11, and even though I was still working with signs well into the early afternoon never bothered to help even though we have two machines to use with setting up. It's been all me. So right now I am so happy that I am home and not in there.
They did want me to come in today. That same co-worker called out yesterday for their shift tonight and they asked if I could come in. I thought about it, but said no. I do feel guilty for saying no (always have, always will in my life), but I just worked 7 days, including an entire holiday weekend (that my co-workers got at least one day off of) and Wednesday night are traditionally bad for sales. That would be fine if I was still on training pay, but now that I'm on commission and get constantly spoken too about not having a high enough sales per hour (and other things) I'm not going to come in to just benefit you, especially when my team efforts don't seem to count for any good will towards me. I literally got an average on my dependability 60 day review despite coming in on my day off once, coming in early once, and staying late twice to help them when they were short staffed (and not to mention always being there and on time for my actual scheduled shifts). Since then I've even stayed late at least twice to benefit them. And so I told them no. I needed my day off. Let them find someone else to take advantage of for that. They can't even call in the new girl since after a week of training she quit! And it's not like we have that many people in reserves, we literally have only 5 people in the entire department to cover the entire week and right now we're down to 4. We're better off than electronics who currently only has 4 all the time, but there's really not that many people who work in that store in general much less who can work in my department so when someone calls out it's a huge hassle finding a replacement. But that's not my problem. I will do my best to always be there for my shifts and help out when I can, but I'm not going to let them take advantage of me. This is a job, they don't get to own me and all of my time. I am a team player, but key word being team. I'm not going to become an indentured servant for this company when it's apparent that they do not care to cut me any slack even though I've only been on commission for two weeks now and you'd think there would be some sort of learning curve. But they really do not seem to have their act together when it comes to training. I know I feel that my training was really shoddy and can assure you that the new associate's training was turning out worse than mine (hardly surprised she quit).

Ugh, This was supposed to be a doll post with a brief work intro, but it's been all about work! I'll save the doll post for latter .I guess it's better when you don't have to hear about work first!    

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