Sunday, July 26, 2015

Familiar Faces in Familiar Places

So despite  my best efforts I once again managed to buy another doll, to the surprise of nobody. I was bored and poking around E-bay under the new listings and found a doll that was simply listed as Barbie. However she wasn't any Barbie. She was the 1979 Italy Dolls of the World Barbie.

Now I already own and have talked about this doll, what makes her special is that she that uses a different head mold that was only used one other time before Mattel stopped using it completely. I already bought one a few years ago but that one is in such great shape I feel bad doing anything with it beyond posing it. This one was a bit more played with so I felt I could enjoy it more. It was listed as a buy it now but with the make an offer option. I made an offer of 20 plus shipping, it was originally 27 plus shipping. My offer was accepted so I paid 26 and change for her in total, so it was like I got free shipping.

After I bought her and paid for her I looked up the completed listings for this doll, either she's come down a lot in price or I've overestimated what she was worth. I saw several dolls in better condition than mine selling for not much more than what I paid for. It's one of those live and learn moment. So if anyone is interested in getting this doll apparently now's the right time to do it since apparently she's not selling for very much.

Since I paid so much for shipping it meant she came priority and also luckily the seller was quick to get her into the mail so I wasn't stuck twiddling my thumbs waiting for her to arrive.

I was pleased to see that she arrived in a large, but not too large box. Now that I've been selling on E-bay boxes of various sizes are like gold to me. The majority of what I sell does fit in padded envelopes but I do have a lot that need to be shipped in boxes and you'll never know when you'll need a box of a certain size so I've been collecting them up whenever I find them.

She didn't come wearing any part of her original outfit. She came wearing the one piece pants and dickie to Wedding Todd's original outfit from the 80's. It's in played with condition, but not too badly. There's some light fraying to the ruffle in front and it does have a spot on the shirt that I'll have to try to get out. I'm hoping that won't be too hard to do. It was missing the closure piece in the back of the neck. I'm not surprised about that, it's literally a plastic ball that once it slips out of place is really easy to lose. I'm hoping to replace it with a snap if I can get it to stay in the vinyl collar. When she arrived the collar was held closed (and prevented a wardrobe malfunction) by a grimy bronze colored safety pin (which will be heading into the trash after I post this blog, I don't need tetanus). Right now my plans for this outfit is to I'm going to try to wash and repair it, then donate it to the doll donation group. I don't have the matching jacket for it, but maybe someone will find something it can work with so a doll can be dressed in it. Or maybe someone will want it and swap another item out for it. All I know is that I don't have a use for it.
Hi, I'm Sammy SafetyPin! Would you like lockjaw?

On to the doll herself. She's in nice played with condition. Her face paint is good shape. The only issue she has is a white line under her right eye. It looks like it happened at the factory after they had finished painting her eyes. It's not a huge issue, but I wish I could cover it up, it's a bit distracting. I know that I'm not skilled enough to do any type of paint touch up, so she will live with it. The biggest issue with her and the one that wasn't disclosed to me was that she's had some of her hair cut. The top layer of hair, the one that's coming from her part is only about an inch and a half long. It's annoying that I wasn't told about this but when she came her hair was a mess so it's not like the seller actively hid this from me. Since she's more for play it's not too big of an issue since it's still long enough too do some hair styles with.

Her body is in really nice shape, the only issues with it are some light scuffing on the right thumb
molding seam (this will be easy to remove) and some light scraping to the torso here and there. This doll really did not get much play. She even came with her original Superstar ring! I will be removing this and putting in the jewelry bag with the rest of my Superstar Jewelry.

As you can see she and her body are no longer together. Shortly after she arrived she got upgraded to a Fashionista Body. Her coloring is a bit odd, she's way too dark for the average Fashionista so I ended up putting her on the first wave Artsy body. Her skin tone has a bit more of a reddish undertone, but it's most likely the best match I'll get. I even have possible plans for her original body. I've been wanting to make a Hawaiian Superstar since I doubt I'll ever get one so I'm hoping this body will be a good base for one. Now I just need to get a Superstar head to dye to the correct color and re-root with black hair.

At least no part of her gets wasted! 

Except for that nasty safety pin....


  1. This mold reminds me a bit of a certain Shillman clone, like the ones here: Maybe the mold lives on even though Mattel barely used it?

  2. Hello Aubrey,
    Great find. I'm glad you'll be able to have more fun then with your original one.
    Big hug,

  3. Congrats on your second1979 Italy Dolls of the World Barbie. She'll have so much more fun on the Fashionista body.