Friday, July 31, 2015

I can't think of any cute Frozen puns for the title....

The other day in order to qualify for free shipping over at Shop Mattel I bought "Seasonal Sweets Cinderella". She was 9.99 before tax. I picked her because she came with a cute snowflake headband that I'm swiping for Charlotte. However I wanted to let people know about her shoes. They are made from a semi translucent blue plastic, the plastic is a little soft which causes the thin heel to warp, but they look good from the front. The shoes have a large snowflake design in front with two smaller snowflakes beside it.The reason why I'm telling you this is because they would work wonderfully for an Elsa doll, especially since Disney loves giving her basic flats. They do have to bend a little in the front, but they be worn by the Disney dolls with the articulated ankles. Like I said I got mine from the Mattel store, but I saw several of them on E-bay for pretty much the same price.

And for the doll, she's okay. Don't love this face mold of Cinderella, but her hair's cute. I'm not keeping her, she'll be donated for the doll donation project. Interesting note, she has the same molded on underwear as most of the newer Barbie dolls, but without the molded in Barbie head pattern, she apparently wears plain underwear!

The dress is awful. Bad color choices, cheap fabric, and a terrible fit. At least the headband's nice.