Thursday, July 2, 2015

I have got to stop!

I bought three dolls today, but parts of them won't be staying. 

As of this morning has the first edition Divergent Tris doll on sale for 10 dollars. If you sign up for their free loyalty program (which mines you for information) you also get a free 90 day trial of Shop Your Way Max, which has free shipping on select products. You don't have to put in a credit card to get it, after 90 days you're just dropped off the Max program. I bought the three dolls and got free shipping using Max. Lots of times clearance items don't offer free shipping I guess since I bought three they allowed it.

I just bought this doll for her body. She has the "nostalgic" skin tone with fully articulated arms and the hinge jointed knees (which I actually prefer). She's like the first wave Fashionista dolls, but without the bust joint (and with a chest tattoo that I'm hoping I can buff off). I hope she's a light enough color for Artemis and Giselle to upgrade to (although I am thinking about putting Giselle on a modified Disney store body with the flat feet). If they are a decent color match that would leave me with a spare pale body, that I'll most likely use for the Fashionista with the partially shaved head... whenever I find her. I did hem and haw about buying these dolls, but I do need paler bodies and this beats hunting down the not yet released Asian style doll that has articulated arms but no knee joints and flat feet or importing a Maleficent doll from China with unknown quality (and for roughly the same price as this doll).

Just a heads up, only the first Tris doll has this type of articulation. The newer Tris doll, the one with short hair, does not have articulated arms. She might have the hinged knee, but her arms are the original Belly Button style arms.


  1. Congrats on your new doll bodies. Thanks for sharing the sale news!

  2. Hello Aubrey,
    Glad you found these. Who says you have got to stop! ;)
    Big hug,