Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mostly all about ME! (but honestly, when is it not???)

Hello Dear Readers,

Life's been a bit crazy lately. I got a terrible sinus infection late last week that I've been struggling through as well as I could, then on last Monday I got a migraine at work. I was literally helping a customer at the register and kept having to adjust the screen because my eyes were too blurry to see the numbers. I ended up having to go home early. Luckily I did decide to go home because it was a very quick down hill slope from there. When waiting for my ride I almost passed out. Luckily I made it home without doing that and was able to fall asleep for several hours through the worst of it. I felt pretty lousy the next day. Usually after having a migraine the next few days my head is very sore and sensitive. Traditionally I take the next few days easy, but this time I could not, I had to work. I thought about calling out but I dragged myself in. A lousy job is even worse when you're not feeling well.  

Even after two days of full work shifts I couldn't rest. Yesterday I had to go up to Raleigh for some work training. It was a long day (I had to be there by 9 so I had to get up at 5) and at some times very stressful. I did learn a lot, but there are a few things that I was told or that I gleaned that I just don't feel comfortable with from a personal ethics standpoint. I really don't think this job is the best choice for me. I'm sticking it out for now, but pretty soon I think we'll be parting ways.

Luckily I have today off which is great since my room is a total mess. Being busy with work and very sick zapped all energy I had to do anything. I'm hoping today to work on it some and try to get some sort of handle on the situation. I have worked on it a bit already but work goes slow since I'm still sickly and tired. I'm going to do what I can but not push myself since I do need to take it easy so I will get better and not overdo it.

This blog post will not just be an update about me, but also about Artemis. You may remember that I bought some of the first issue Divergent Tris dolls for ten dollars from I bought them because they were almost as articulated as the first wave Fashionista dolls but in a lighter skin tone. I have a few dolls that could use a body like that, most importantly Artemis. I know that I said I was going to give one to my Disney Giselle doll but after getting them I decided that for the amount of time she's on display (she's literally in a box right now) I can wait until later to decide if she really needs articulation. So I ended up just taking one doll out of the box, I bought three, the other ones ended up in the closet as spares. They joined the two Sinatra Barbie dolls and the two Cheerleader Ken dolls. I'm amassing quite the collection of MIB articulated dolls waiting for heads!

The first thing I did after removing the doll from her box was remove her clothes. Surprisingly her pants and top are separate pieces. I wouldn't put it past Mattel to just give her a jumpsuit to make construction slightly cheaper. She also very quickly lost her head. Interesting to note that her head doesn't have glue in it. Meanwhile my collector Audrey Hepburn doll came with a head chock full of the greasy junk ....*grrrr*.

The head and clothes have gotten bagged and are due for Ebay any day now. I quickly trimmed down the posts on the neck knob and put Artemis' head on it, after checking to make sure it was a decent color match. It's not a perfect match, but it's actually closer than the body she was on before. Artemis is a Silkstone so while her face is a light color, it has more of a pink undertone than this new body. However it's close enough for me. When mixing and matching different lines and eras an exact match will be difficult to get. Besides there are plenty of dolls that come out of the factory with different colored heads and bodies since they're made out of different materials.

I like Artemis on this new body. She did have articulated legs before, but this is the first time she's had articulated arms with the wrist joint. I really like wrist joints, it allows a great deal of personality in posing. I did remove the black bird tattoo the body come with on the upper left of the torso. I lightly buffed it off with low grit sand paper. I still need to give it another go, there's still faint black smudges in spots but I just didn't want to be too aggressive with it and damage the doll.

One final things to comment on; the lower legs on these dolls aren't made from hard plastic like the Fashionista's are. It's the same type of plastic that they use for certain Ken arms. It's hard to describe, but it's a type of hard plastic, but doesn't feel as durable as the regular hard plastic. I do worry about this since Ken arms are more prone to scuffing and showing wear. And since I'm letting out all my fears about the legs I will also state that I'm concerned about how they'll age. If dealing with the 70's era dolls has taught me anything it's that two different types of materials touching doesn't always work out in the long run.

But hopefully we'll have lots of fun together before anything like that happens!