Sunday, July 5, 2015

New Shelf!

The other day my father brought home a mantlepiece (you never know what he'll bring home) for one of his projects. It ended up not working out for what he bought it for, so he offered it to me. Since I have been on a doll buying spree for like the past 3 years I accepted it. At this point a second bookcase would be ideal, but I honestly don't have the space so an additional shelf will have to suffice.
I had it for a little bit before I was able to get it up on the wall. My brother and father helped me put it in place. Unfortunately their timing wasn't so great. *sigh* But really, I shouldn't knock free labor. No matter how inconvenient it can be. It beats having to do it on your own.

But it's done, and several dolls have already jumped over from the bookcase to the new shelf. There's a little rhyme and reason to how they are displayed, but I really just grabbed dolls from the second vintage shelf and whoever was cluttering the first vintage shelf. I also grabbed some random dolls that could live on Charlotte's shelf, but there's no room. That Cinderella doll, I've had for probably like over 15 years now. To give you an example of how much I sew for my collection compared to using commercially made pieces, there's a grand total of 6 clothing pieces I didn't make on the entire shelf.

Care to guess which ones they are?


  1. Hello Aubrey,
    The shelf looks great. It's a nice way to display your collection.
    Big hug,

  2. Your display looks fantastic! I love the shelf.

  3. I had a couple of shelves like that at one point. Great when you run out of flat space on your furniture.

    I know the 1776-themed red, white and blue dress is vintage. So is that green and pink dress next to it. (My sister had the Skipper version as a child.) My other guess is the hot pink dress on the far right. If I absolutely had to, I'd guess the navy and white outfit on the seated doll, too, but that one I'm not really sure about. Oh wait, Mattel came out with military dressed dolls, right? Bet Ken is wearing that. Either that, or he stole it from GI Joe.

  4. I think you made the red-white herringbone sheath (sharp style), the yellow floral next to the herringbone sheath, and Kristoff's plaid pants. I admire your skill - I'm guessing by the ones I do not recognize and what looks like a real person would wear.

    Congrats on the extra shelf. You're putting it to good use ;-)