Friday, July 3, 2015

Unintentional Head Hunter

I really have got to stop doing this. When bored (and usually tired from working) I'll give the new listings on E-bay a "quick peek". Of course I tell myself that I won't buy anything since I really shouldn't be spending any money but it doesn't hurt to look, and of course I find something that I wrestle with getting for like 10 seconds and ultimately end up buying.




I really should stop trying to fool myself. 

This time when I was on E-bay checking out the new listings when I found a Barbie head. It was a brunette Ponytail head that was listed with a buy it now price of roughly 40 dollars including shipping. She did have some issues, but they were mostly paint wear. Lately I've been a lot better about passing by the more TLC of dolls. Nose nips are deal breakers, neck splits aren't total deal breakers but most of the time I will pass them by unless the doll is really rare. This doll's biggest issue was that her eyebrows are totally gone. However her lips were perfect, which is weird since I find that lips are more prone to paint wear than the eyebrows. At first I thought she was a number four head, so I bought her. I do have that number 4 body I got recently that I would love to get a head for. However after purchasing her I looked over the pictures again and saw that she had the rough textured bangs, so she was a number 5. I wouldn't normally have paid so much for a number 5 head, but what's done is done.

She arrived on Wednesday, which I luckily had off from work. I spent a few hours cleaning her up.
She mainly needed washing and her hair needed to be brushed out. She does have most of her eyebrows missing (you can see faint traces of them if you look closely at her pictures) and has some paint wear to her left eyelash ridge. Her lips are stunning, very full and very red! It took a while but I got her hair all sorted out. I ended up putting it in a braid for some variety.  I wasn't able to find the longer piece that wraps around the top of the ponytail. She does have two longer pieces, but they're both smaller than usual and not at the correct place to wrap around the ponytail. I have it kind of done right now, but I might take it down eventually to see if I can improve it. The swimsuit she's wearing is a reproduction I stuck on her because sometimes I feel like preserving the doll's modesty.
She didn't end up with the number 4 body. Instead she got what I believe is a transitional 4/5 Barbie body I got ... two years ago (I'm pretty sure I shared it with you all when I got it with a TLC Bubblecut head on it from Craigslist). It is a hollow torso Barbie only body but the arms and legs I believe are made out of the same more malleable plastic the number four's limbs are made out of. They also darken and leech out color like has been happening to my number 4 dolls. (I think they're now starting to lighten with age like the earlier dolls have done). It's really hard to tell, but the hard plastic torso is slightly darker than other Barbie only bodies that I have. The body is in fair shape, but does suffer from some play wear. The worst part is the legs, the right one has some scuffs and gouges. They're also two very different lengths, poor Barbie's legs have like 1/8th of an inch difference between them. I am annoyed that the head wasn't what I thought it was (note to self, look at auctions more in depth) but at least I can use it to complete a doll body that I've had for a while. And while I'd like another number 4, a transitional doll (if she actually is one), is pretty uncommon and a good addition to the collection.

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