Sunday, August 23, 2015

An Exciting update before work!

Hello Everyone!

Have to go back to work today. Working Sunday means I have an hour of signs to do before the store opens and since I'm commission and only get paid when I make sales it means I'm working for free... yay. And it's completely legal with how the system technically works, lucky me.

However I wanted to tell you all I got my grail doll! My top most wanted doll that I've been wanting for forever! I paid an arm and a leg for it, waaaaaaaay more than I've ever paid for a doll before and hopefully not a price I'll pay again any time soon. I'm still actually paying for it, I did the first giant chunk of it this morning after winning the auction followed by paying shipping and "handling" fee later. I hope it's not too bad, I already paid this company 44 bucks for the privilege of using their service.

I'm going to be a total meanie and not tell you what doll I got and make you all wait until it gets here for the introduction post. (Unless I get at least 5 comments on this post from people asking me to tell, since I seek power and validation from strangers on the internet regarding my hobby) It's going to be a long post since getting this doll was a real comedy of errors, but not comedy in the haha kind of way.

So excited for work, so dreading this doll!

Wait.... reverse those.


  1. I'm intrigued. I want to know who you snagged. I love getting grail items, congrats on scoring yours :O)

  2. Well congratulations Aubrey. You have me intrigued...

  3. Hello Aubrey,
    I am happy you got the doll and can't wait to see her.
    Big hug,

  4. Late to the party but would love to know what doll you got!