Friday, August 14, 2015


Tomorrow is the next doll meeting. 

It's the first one after the Barbie Convention so it's the meeting where people are going to talk about their experiences and show off their new finds from convention. I specifically took the date off from work a month ago so I could go. I'm usually pretty blase about going to Barbie Convention all year long but when it comes up and so many people I follow on Flickr and are Facebook friends with start sharing all their pictures and about how much fun they're having it makes me yearn to go. Usually this feeling doesn't last long especially when people start talking about all the issues that happened at convention and start sharing the prices of their "deals". I freely admit that I'm a total cheapskate but when people are talking about their deals and listing numbers that are way out of my price range I realize that convention is still too expensive for me to think about at this time. Lots of times the dolls I've bought online are considerably cheaper than their convention deal counterparts. But I'd still like to go one year just so I can have the experience of it.

Since I'm going to the meeting and it's been months since I've gone I would like to bring a doll with me, the issue being who. I have several new dolls that I would like to show off but the issue is this meeting really isn't about me. It's about the experiences that people had at convention so I don't want to bring a special new doll to just have them get pushed to the sidelines while people are showing off their new dolls. My dolls don't deserve that treatment! I thought about bringing Joe (my standard fallback since Charlotte doesn't leave the house), but he doesn't have anything new to wear since I haven't sewn anything for anybody in months. I've been wracking my brain trying to think of a solution to this.

Sad thing is, once I pick someone I'll spend a lot of time picking out what they should wear tearing apart my room in the process. Meanwhile for me I'll be wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and same old ratty shoes I've had forever. My clothes are just so boring!

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