Thursday, November 19, 2015

Do I want a Poppy Parker doll?

Hello Dear Readers,

Hot off the success of finally finishing that Eye Doctor Barbie review, I have another post to share with you. My pondering if I want a Poppy Parker doll.

Lately I've been thinking about adding a Poppy Parker doll to the collection. After getting burned three times in a row on vintage Barbie (all on Etsy BTW), I think I need a little break from vintage. However I am unable to take a break for dolls completely. For my interest in Poppy Parker I totally blame the doll club, several of the members are total Poppy Parker fangirls and I really think otherwise I wouldn't be so interested getting one. But while I want one, I'm not really sure that I want one, want one. I'm kind of interested in her, but not super duper I got to have one feeling. I think it would be interesting to own one, but I worry about not bonding with her, so it's kind of a weird place. I will point out that I haven't been to an official doll club meeting since September, so it's not like this was triggered by some doll I just saw, it's been a slow simmer. 

Poppy is available. She's been mass produced for several years now so it's not like it's a matter of hunting one down. I'm in a good position since there isn't a Poppy that I absolutely love, I'm just trying to find one for the best price. I freely admit I am cheap and I'm not sure how much I'll want to spend for a doll that I'm planning on actually redressing and "playing" with. I flip flop between wanting to buy just her head and put her on a Mattel body or wanting the whole doll to have the correct body for her to have the complete Poppy experience. I've been doing searches to find a nude doll at a decent price, but it seems that it would be more cost effective to buy a dressed doll and sell her clothes (depending on which doll it is). They did recently release some new dolls and you can find some of them at retail prices, but lots of times the shipping is so expensive so it's not that much of a deal buying the new dolls.

Not really sure what else to say, just putting my thoughts down in text.


  1. I guess the question is: How committed are you to wanting Poppy? I mean, if a particular one doesn't draw you in, are you sure just getting anyone will be satisfying? Is there a doll you want more and you can just save the money you would have paid for her to buy it?

    If you become committed to buying one, you may as well go for the full experience, body and all. Let us know what you decide.

  2. I will say if you want one find the one that speaks to you in some way. I think if you buy one just to have one you will get rid of her. I find that the ones I keep are the ones who "speak" to me.

    You can find heads but your best bet is to wait for the new line announcements for next year. Find yourself a dealer and get her at retail. That way as you planned you can sell her outfit if you don't like the clothes and so forth

  3. I can't help disliking these dolls purely because of the articulated arms, ankles etc. Gorgeous faces and equally stunning outfits but the bodies look really disturbing. I know that Barbie can look static but give me a purity of bodyline over poseability. The heads have a Frankenstein boxy jawline which also jars. A real shame because they could really be extraordinary pieces of doll craftsmanship.