Monday, November 2, 2015

E-bay Updates

Hello Everyone,

Going to try to be a little more proactive in creating new content for the blog, even if it's just something as mindless as talking about my recent E-bay sales.

Sales have been pretty soft lately. I've been good about getting my old listings relisted each month using up the free listings, but creating new ads I haven't been as successful at. And I really should be, things are beginning to pile up again especially since I keep buying dolls for either their clothes and accessories, and justify the purchase by saying I'll get my money back if I resell what I don't want to keep.

Can't really make that money back when the items are just sitting around collecting dust, can we?

The previous week I actually did well and got about 11 new listings finished and posted on the site. From those new listings, I had three sell yesterday. I had lots of watchers on things, but very few bidders. I will never understand why people watch so many things and never bid, lots of times on my auctions you can get the item for the opening bid. You just have to bid to get it!

The items that sold weren't that expensive, but two of them went slightly over their opening bid prices! (And one of them actually ended up paying off the lot of items they came it, any sales from that lot after this is pure profit) It's also great that there's less clutter kicking around that I don't want. Two people already paid for their items and they're all set to go into the mail today. The third person hasn't yet, and I'm not totally sure if they will. They emailed me right before the end of the auction asking me if the Barbie outfit would fit Skipper. By the time I saw the question the auction had only 4 minutes to go and they had already placed a bid. I told them that the outfit was for the belly button body, and would be big on Skipper. I did mention that it should be fine on a larger doll like Teen Skipper. When the auction ended I saw their zip code, I don't think it's in the US so hopefully if they wanted it to fit the smaller Skipper dolls they'll just ask me to cancel their bid. I'd much rather cancel it now then mail it out and have then return it since it doesn't fit the doll they wanted it to even though I never said that doll's name in the listing.

I need to get a couple of listings done this week. I just hope that it'll be sunny tomorrow. I have the day off and pictures always come out lousy when it's rainy (like it's been for the past two days).

*Fingers Crossed* Come on sunshine!

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  1. To be honest, I sometimes watch ebay auctions if I have something similar that I am thinking about selling. Then if it sells, I can get an idea of how much to ask for mine.

    I hope things work out with your ebay buyer.