Thursday, November 5, 2015

What Should I Do?

Hello Dear Readers,

I have a story/question for you all.

Our story begins at the start of October. I placed an order at for a few things I needed to get, among those things was a Frozen Fever Anna doll that was on "sale". In reality it was like a dollar off, but I figured that I could use her outfit for a doll Halloween costume and if I resold the doll I'd make some of my money back and she did put me over the free shipping amount. So I placed my order and waited. The doll took a little while to get here, but when you get free shipping you take some concessions.

Once the doll arrived I opened her up, and immediately noticed she had an issue going it. It looks like when they were sewing the hem of the skirt the machine messed up and not only had some extra lines of wonky stitches, the skirt had actually gotten torn in two places right in the front. So I returned her. I am not keeping a doll that comes out of the box with issues as bad as that. That skirt really shouldn't have even left the factory. I also ended up returning something else from my order. I got a shipping label from Walmart, packaged them up in the box they came in, and mailed them back.

And waited again.

It took a while to get there, but eventually they got my return. I said I wanted an exchange, but one item had sold out so they refunded my money for that but sent me another Anna doll. This one arrived with a better dress, but now had a weird rust colored line in one of her eyes with some missing eye paint. Again, someone should have caught that at the factory. Unsatisfied with this new issue I decided to send her back. I was just going to return her since I'm not sure if there's any doll out there without any glaring issues. So I go back to to start the final return, and now they tell me the only way to return it is to go back to the store  AND they show they're not refunding me the tax I paid on the item. Shipping I understand since I didn't pay for that, but they certainly charged me tax the first time so I'm not sure why they weren't giving it back to me.

So I sent them an e-mail asking why I now had to go to the store to return an item that I never purchased in a store. I also asked why they were keeping my tax. That afternoon I got an email from They issued me a return for the amount of the doll plus my tax to my Paypal and said that they could set up a time for UPS to come pick up the doll or I could pick a time for when I wanted to return the doll (I think that's what they meant). The next day I sent an email thanking them for fixing the issue and asking for some clarification on how to return it by mail. I was fine with them scheduling a time with UPS, I've done that before with Disney Store. I live in an area where we can just leave the package on the porch and the UPS driver will come by and pick it up easy peasy.

And I waited again. 

It's been over 5 days and I hadn't heard anything back from Walmart, so I sent them a new email. This time I got the email returned to me saying the sender was undeliverable. I ended up sending it again and got the same response. It's weird because when I emailed the first time I never got anything like that and these were really quick. So I went back to and went through their email system and sent them an email about my return. I quickly got a reply saying that I did need to return the doll by mail and cannot return it to my local store. They told me to follow the instructions on the website, but when I go to the website I can't do anything with it since it already claims the doll, both dolls, have been returned. So right now I have my money back AND the doll, and I cannot for the life of me figure out any way to get the doll back to them.

The question I have dear readers is this, what would you do?  I'm spending a lot of time over a return that they should be wanting back, but they're certainly not making it easy on me. Should I email them again?
I'm getting nowhere slowly.


  1. I say make one final attempt to get the issue resolved. If you don't want to take the doll back to a store then it's yours. You can donate the doll to Toys for Tots if you really don't want it

  2. I was going to say something similar. Try calling a helpline if you can find a number for one. If that doesn't get you anywhere, they think they have both dolls back and you have your money, so donate the doll and feel good you did everything you could do.

  3. I agree. You got the refund, you made a good faith effort to return the item. At this point, if Walmart doesn't want their item back, they just don't get it.