Friday, January 22, 2016

Another one off the list

I bought a doll today. I know I'm trying to be better about dolly spending but at least it was something off my wish list and if you look at it, it practically cost me nothing. Speaking of wish lists, I'm thinking of either starting a new one or adding to the one I already created. I think I'd prefer making a second one. I'd like to be able to compare what my list started out at to where it ended, so I think making a second one would be best. Sad thing is, I started the list to keep me from getting dolls and here I am making a second list and it certainly hasn't stopped me from shopping (but I have dialed back a great deal).

I finally broke and bought Sweet Tea. I was hoping to buy her from Mattel when I joined the Barbie Collector club and use the first of the four quarterly discounts on her, but with the new Silkstone coming out I decided to use it on that doll instead. I was thinking about buying both of them the first time since they had a spend 75 dollars and get free shipping, but that promo seems to have disappeared so I'm not really sure what I'm going to do. Way back when the Roman Holiday Audrey Hepburn doll was on sale I got a shipping estimate for her, it ended up being 10 dollars for just the one doll. The 80 dollars in rewards sounds decent, unless you're losing 40 dollars of it in shipping charges whenever you use it. I know that they do free shipping promos and whatnot at certain times but I just hate waiting for them to get a sale going to buy what I want. I'd much rather spend 75 dollars or slightly more including some things I don't really want than spend 65 dollars on stuff I do want and have to pay 10 dollars or more on shipping. So right now I'm thinking my Collector club stance. I can't join right now either way since I'm waiting to get a replacement pin number for my debit card. It's been a huge hassle (somewhat created by myself), but I'm been working on getting a new card/pin reset since before the new year.

Since the Silkstone has yet to show up in my regular retailers, I decided to buy Sweet Tea. The real push for that decision was that I remembered I had some items I had gotten at Christmas that I needed to return. I didn't have the receipt and I knew it was going to be a hassle (and make my social anxiety go through the roof), but if I returned them I could use the money to get something I wanted and get rid of three things I didn't want and get something I've been meaning to get done, done. (Win, win, win!) 

I decided to buy Sweet Tea from Amazon since it was the same price as Walmart, but came with free prime shipping. I'll hold onto the Walmart card to use on normal things I would have otherwise paid cash for. I thought it would get here sooner from Amazon, but the joke's on me. I ordered it late on Wednesday and it's not due to get here until Monday. I did put an add on item of a water bottle (I've decided to give up bringing disposable water bottles with my lunch to work) but even alone the doll wasn't getting here until Monday so it wasn't the water bottle slowing it down. I even checked other prime listings, all said they wouldn't get here until Monday. I'm not sure what's going on, I bought it and hoped for the best. The item already shipped  but they shipped it parcel post. What's going on Amazon? That is not Prime "Two Day" shipping. So I'm a little concerned about that. I'm curious to know if this is a one time deal or if it's the new norm. Hopefully it's not, the fast shipping is the only thing I get out of having Prime. And it that goes away, I don't see any real reason to continue paying for it.

So while Sweet Tea is on her way, I'm not crossing her off the list until she arrives. With the way Mattel's quality control has been she'll have some weird issue and I'll have to send her back. However I can be hopeful she's doesn't have any issues and I don't have to return her. Although I'm not sure if she's a new doll, a body donor, or even just a spare articulated body. That all depends on if I like her when she arrives. *Shoulder shrug*  

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