Sunday, January 3, 2016

Day three down....

Today's been a bit of a bummer day. I haven't been sleeping all that well these past few days. Falling asleep late, waking up a lot during the night, sleeping in late, and still being tired during the day is the new norm. I hate it, I wish I slept better. You'd think being so tired after being on my feet for hours when at work would tire me out, but clearly it doesn't. (Not that I've worked the past few days, but lately when I have, I still sleep poorly).

I also had an unfortunate incident with E-bay. Yesterday late at night I had someone do a buy-it-now on one of my auctions. Today I get a blunt message on that site from the buyer ordering me to cancel their purchase. I did it since A) I don't want someone to buy something they're not happy with and B) pressing the issue would just have them return it for some made up reason and I'd be out shipping both ways. I do not understand why they would buy something only to turn around and cancel it and I really do not understand why they had to be so rude! They could have at least said please. I'd be a bit more understanding if they had been a little nicer to me. For someone who has "Duke" in their user name, they certainly are common. But what's done is done, they've been refunded and have been added to my blocked bidder list.

Those two reasons and a few others I won't delve into put me in a bum mood. So I found myself window shopping, see how quickly I fall into old habits of buying something to put me into a better mood? I was over on E-bay looking through the vintage listings when I decided I needed to stop. I forced myself to click off the page. Seriously, it's been 3 days since the start of the new year, I need to have a little more self control. Instead of window shopping I .... window shopped. I made a picture of all the dolly things that I have on my current "wish list". It's mainly pictures of dolls but a lot of them I just want for their shoes (to the surprise of nobody).

Here's where we stand as of right now:

We have the following: 

1. Disney Store Rosetta doll, the first doll I just want for her shoes. She should be readily available since I buy from the Disney store lately twice a year and I've already bought her fellow Fairies Tinkerbell and Periwinkle HOWEVER in their infinite wisdom Disney store has only released her in Europe (and I believe Japan) and right now I refuse to spend over 50 dollars for a play line doll just to steal her shoes. I wish they'd just release her here. I don't know anyone overseas who can get her for me at a reasonable price.
2. Grace Kelly doll. One of the few dolls I regret not purchasing when they were originally released. For some reason Grace Kelly has skyrocketed on the secondary market. The "value" doll from the line in the blue dress goes for well over 100 dollars. I don't understand it since Audrey, Elizabeth, James Dean, and Marilyn dolls can be purchased for a lot less. Even the original black dress Audrey Hepburn goes for less than her. I really just want this doll's head since I'd want to redress her and don't care for the model muse body. 
3. Star Light Adventure doll, don't know her name. I just think she's super cool looking. Lately I've been getting more and more into dolls with fantasy colored hair. I like her bold blue hair and light purple skin tone. I do hate her body and I know that she'll be impossible to get a replacement body for, so she'll most likely be an admire from afar doll. 
4. Made 2 Move 2016 doll. I've already purchased the Lea, Barbie, and Teresa M2M dolls and honestly, don't really like them. I think some of the joints are rather clunky looking and I'm not a fan of the new torso shape (I'm just not ready to give up the belly button body). I do really love the double jointed elbows, even so much as to thinking about modifying a fashionista body so they can be used on it. I'd love to get Charlotte those arms but Teresa even though she's the darkest skin tone is far too light for Charlotte's early 90's tan. I think this is going to be too dark, but I can at least check it out. If I did get it, I'd swap out the hands. Those Hula Skipper hands remind me too much of Fashionista Ken's hands. 
5. Game designer Barbie. Brown glasses, 'nuff said. The doll is actually very pretty, but I don't plan on keeping her. I want her glasses and her green jacket. She and the rest of her clothes will most likely be re-sold.
6. Endless Hair Kingdom Barbie. She's got a big ol' noggin and hula skipper's hands, but I'm oddly compelled by her. I don't think I'll end up getting her, but there's something so interesting about her. She reminds me a lot of Lady Lovelylocks (a series before my time that never really garnered my interest). I am curious to see how articulated she is below the waist and what kind of body she has. I also like her face mold, it looks like a younger Barbie, she'd make a cute Skipper.
7. Hasbro Cinderella. I really just want to get a Hasbro Disney doll to see what they're like and who can wear their shoes. I was excited to see the new line up from Hasbro but I can't say I'm terribly impressed. They seem to have a lot of the same design issues as Mattel's dolls, just from a different company. I just picked a picture of Cinderella since she's my favorite and I think she looks the best of the bunch. Ariel's got a scary look on her face and Snow White looks more like Drizella. (Fairest in the land, not so much at Hasbro).
8. Barbie Gem Fairy Doll. Another one that I just mainly want for her shoes. They remind me of the live action Cinderella's shoes so I want them! I do sort of like the doll and her bold purple hair, but her face mold feels rather bland and the majority of her outfit is painted on. If I do get her, she'll be sold off.
9. Sushi pak set. I love this pak set, these little bagged clothing and accessories have been a great addition to the Barbie line! (Although I liked them better when they were 1.50 instead of 2.50). I've bought most of the shoe paks, and a few dresses. I was thrilled when I found this sushi accessory set and dreamed of Charlotte and Joe's sushi dinners. However I have yet to see these in stores and can hardly find them online. The only place I've found them is overseas, so I'm not sure if they've been released here in the States.
10. Baking pak set. Another accessory set that I adore. The little heart shaped measuring spoons make me giddy with their adorableness. As with above, I'm not sure if they've been released over here. So I'm not sure if I'll ever get either of them.
11. Purple pak top. This comes from the same line as the two above it. I don't usually like 80's styling, but this one purple peplum top is rocking my world! It just screams Jem to me! (Specifically my Clash doll) It looks stretchy so it should fit her easily. I even want to make a pencil skirt to go along with it. This one is in stock at Amazon for 6.99 so I guess it will end up in stores, I just have to find it. Which is easier said than done since I rarely find the time to go to Walmart.
12. Sweet Tea Look Barbie doll. The final doll on my wish list, Sweet Tea was originally there because I like the Laugenfield head mold and wanted to get one. Since then I did get the Tokidoki doll and like her a lot(but she will get re-rooted). I still want to get Sweet Tea since she's articulated (hopefully she's as pale as Tokidoki, but I doubt it) and I love her accessories. I'm a sucker for a little tea cup. She's one of the dolls I want to purchase from Barbie Collector if I become a member. 

I know it's a conflicting situation to pat myself on the back for not buying anything when I'm looking at stuff I want to buy, but at least I'm using the time to think about what I want to buy and compile it on a list. And really, none of these dolls are done deals, I still have plenty of time to talk myself out of buying them before the majority of them make it to store shelves. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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