Sunday, January 31, 2016

January - A Retrospective

Can you believe January is almost over? Feels like the other day I was celebrating the start of the year. If only I could get into the swing of writing 2016, just the other day I wrote 2015 on something. Oh well, takes me a little while to get into that habit.

So this month was kind of up and down with my successes and non-successes. I did manage to curb my spending a great deal. Overall I think I spent a little over 100 dollars for my entire doll and fabric purchases for the month. Ideally I'd like it less, but in December I was dropping 100 dollars per shopping trip easy, any improvement is a good thing. And that is including Sweet Tea even though in reality she almost cost nothing and that Purple Rock Fairy that I sent back to Mattel (still waiting for my voucher in the mail). I'm hoping to keep my expenses low, but I'm not sure if I can do that with all those new dolls Mattel just announced. I'm trying to keep my wish list practical, but it keeps growing and growing!

I did have some things sell this month over on E-bay. I have a very successful month with 9 sales! Some of them were things that I'd had listed for a long time, so I'm thrilled to see them move on out to someone who will appreciate them. Didn't have too much success in getting new things listed, I tried the last few days but I fell into a funk and it's been hard getting motivated. I just been feeling so glum/tired/worn out lately. I did spend a good chunk of time working on listings I had finished that E-bay wiped from the system. I have about 50 listings or so I need to recreate. Luckily I still have the pictures and texts. I did work on that for a bit today hoping to get them back on the site, but E-bay was so glitchy I had to give up on it. I want to make some actual progress in February. I want to get a good chunk of the old listings recreated as well as some new ones. Hopefully I have enough free slots, there's a lot that need to get listed.

I did end up joining the Barbie Collector club and am I'm still not sure if that was a good decision or not. One of the reasons was to get access to the forums. The way that people talk about not being able to get into them on other groups made it seem like it was something special but .... they're really not that impressive. A few sections, very few people actually chatting, a clunky set up, and there's so much negativity! I know I complain as much as the next person, but the level of how much people don't like anything or feel like Mattel owes them is out of this world. And they're so dramatic! The free shipping promo still hasn't come back, so I'm going to wait and see how much value being a member really is to me. Even with half of the quarterly rewards getting used up by shipping, I'd still be getting 40 dollars for 25 dollars. However that only works out if I find something I want to use my rewards on. I'm not a huge collector Barbie person, so while I may end up using my rewards it all depends if what I used it on has value. At least the chair we'll get in March should be cool.

Time will tell! 
Hope everyone had a good January!

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