Sunday, January 10, 2016

Purple Gem Fairy Barbie Pictures

Here are the picture I promised of the Purple Gem Fairy Barbie doll from Mattel. They took longer than I expected since I had to recharge the camera battery. I'm going to have to contact Cannon about it. I just charged the battery last weekend and hadn't used it since then. This camera is less than a year old, the battery shouldn't be failing this quickly.
The doll arrived late last week, but this particular doll not going to be staying. When she first arrived I noticed some flaking at her neck before I even removed her from the package. I was hoping it was just misplaced hair gel, but it turns out it was a gouge and a cut to her neck. The flaking was the damaged vinyl lifting up. 

That was bad enough, but I also noticed she has a weird mold line that circles her right eye (which is hard to photograph, but noticeable in person).

 But even though her damage keeps her from sticking around, I can still photograph her. The doll does come with a headband that's been plastic tabbed to her head and with her hair in a high ponytail. I couldn't find the headband for the pictures (I know it's around here somewhere), but once you take it off you can't easily put it back on. The doll does have a center part in her hair which is nice since a high ponytail can be limiting. I did have to spend some time fixing the part, but with a pin it's easy to put the hair on the correct side and cover up any bald spots. The hair is very silky and soft with a vibrant color. I believe the doll uses the new face like on the Teresa Made to Move doll.  

The majority of the doll's clothes are molded onto her body except for her skirt. She has an odd construction in front. It's mostly painted details except for those three blue stones that are erupting from her chest. They're made out of a translucent blue plastic so they look like they should do something (like light up), but they're just decoration. It's weird.
Her shoes are cute. in the promo pictures it looks like they might be recasts of the Cinderella shoes, but they're very different. They are designed to look like faucet cut stone, but these shoes have a different shape. They remind me a lot of the 80's style pump, kind of a hybrid of the Cinderella shoes and 80's pumps. They're hard to see when they're on the purple plastic feet, but look killer on a regular doll. They're lovely shoes, hopefully Mattel starts making more delicate looking shoes again. Lately everything's been so clunky.

The doll does come with wings and she has a hole in her back for them to rest in. They're made out a thin plastic and just have the design on the front side. I'm not sure if they're supposed to click into place, there's plastic bits on mine that look intentional to the design to keep them from snapping into place on the doll. I think it's smart they can be removed, that will keep them from getting damaged, but they're going to be easily lost or fall out during play.

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