Friday, January 15, 2016

So people have been getting the new Articulated Silkstone

So people have been getting the new Articulated Silkstone, and boy are they not impressed with her.

The doll first showed up on E-bay from a dealer a few days ago and that caused a little flurry of new information and people hunting it down elsewhere when that seller sold out. Then it started showing up at a few dealers, some had it for pre-order and some had it in stock. There's still no official release from Mattel for the doll as of yet (and I'm sure they're thrilled all these dealers are selling it before they are). Today I did see a review of it on Youtube. I think the person who posted it has a deal with their doll dealer and they got it sent to them early so they could review it, and someone over on In the Pink showed their real life pictures of the doll after it arrived in the mail.

The biggest complaints I've been see with it are; the elbows seem weak, the torso is more like the belly button body than the original Silkstone torso, the boots are made out of plastic, and the doll doesn't come with any underwear. These are all valid reasons why not to like something, it's funny how quickly the tides have turned. When the dolls first started showing up people were going crazy for them, snatching them up whenever they showed up I was beginning to wonder if there were going to be any left when I was able to buy them (I do want one, but I refuse to pay inflated prices so I can be one of the first to get one). Now I'm thinking there's going to be plenty available when they're actually released since people's opinion of getting them has soured to "I'm not getting them" or "I'm selling them when they arrive!".

I read one person bemoan the fact that the new bodies are like the belly button body, claiming those bodies only look good when dressed as "hoochies". At first I was offended, then I laughed and shook my head. That's one of my favorite bodies to sew for! And while I do agree that the Silkstone body has better proportions for 50's silhouettes, I wouldn't so far as to say the belly button body only look good dressed provocatively. Charlotte's on a belly button body, and while I fully admit she loves showing a little leg, she usually tends to dress pretty conservatively. (Just don't go and judge her current since right now she's topless).

The fact the doll doesn't come with underwear isn't a huge deal for me, I can just make my own but I understand why people are bothered by her not wearing any in the box. She does have a full skirt that you can (to quote Dorrie) "see up clear up Broadway" even when the doll is still in her box. The Silkstone line was known for it attention to detail, so something as minor as underwear being omitted could annoy people who are already upset and saddened over the loss of quality in the line. The boots however I'm a little less forgiving for people being upset about. Lots of people are complaining how they should be made out of a more realistic material. Mattel very rarely makes shoes other than molded plastic ones. I do think that boots don't really work with the doll's stock outfit, perhaps a pair of classic black pumps would be better, but all of the Silkstones I've purchased new have come with basic plastic shoes. And yeah, you may not like them, but it's the easiest thing to change. I am a self identified doll shoe hoarder, but it's not that hard to get shoes that fit the Silkstone foot, especially since they can share shoes with the Model Muse bodies.

The elbows I can't comment on until I see one in person. I'm sure they do feel weak, hopefully they are sturdier than they seem. I'm still excited for the articulated Silkstone, but I'm waiting for her to arrive at a regular retailer before getting her. The Barbie Collector club has opened the 2016 membership for returning members, the new members have to wait until the 19th to sign up. I'm still waiting for my replacement debit card to arrive in the mail so I can join. I'm not sure if I'm willing to wait that long for either doll, but if I do become a member I would like to use the quarterly rewards on both The Look Brunette doll and the Silkstone. But that all depends on lots of things including how impatient I can be.

And we should all know how impatient I am. 


  1. I am enjoying reading the reviews. I have rebodied my Silkstones for years. I would like to see one in person. I chuckled at the BB body is just made for hoochie clothing. That's news to me and my ladies with this body.

    This will be my 3rd year of not joining BC. I hope they come out with something that may make me change my mind but nothing has in the last couple of years

    1. I do keep checking for people's comments, some of them have talked about doing a boycott of Mattel items over this! I'm reserving my judgement until I see it in person too. I have one of my Silkstone dolls on a belly button body and think she looks great on it. I like the Silkstone body for what it is, but it's not the end of the world when it's changed. With Mattel, they'll revert back to a static body before too long, they always do away with articulation.

      This would be my first year joining. I know there's a few thing this year I want, so the quarterly benefits are worth it. I'm not sure if I'd bother joining a second year, right now I just want to check it out and see what it's all about. Lately I have been buying more new dolls than vintage, but it's been mostly play line Barbie, Disney, and some Integrity. I buy very few collector Barbie dolls, but with this Silkstone and the Look dolls being articulated plus the "free" chair that comes with signing up I decided I'll make back my 24.95 from signing up.