Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Well Shut Me Up Universe, Shut Me Up

I went off to Walmart today after work in the search for the Hasbro Disney Princess dolls, I also stopped in to stock up on bread since I am in love with the garlic herb bread my store sells.

Carbs are second to dolls in my life. 

My store finally did get some of the the Hasbro dolls in stock. They had Ariel, Cinderella, Mulan, Elsa, and Anna. I did a random price check on Elsa and she rang up as 8.88. I was sort of tempted to get one of them, but then I checked the Barbie section and found THE ACCESSORY PAKS I've been looking for! They had the sushi date set and the baking set! Just after bemoaning the fact I'd never find them, I find them. I'm super shocked since there's practically no information out there regarding them. They also had a cleaning set, an acoustic guitar set, and a dog with accessory set, but none of them really called to me so I left them there. I had the guitar in my hand for a while, but the main reason why I wanted it was so that Joe could use it and the guitar was covered in a huge sticker that was very "Barbie-fied" so I decided I didn't really need it and could find something better elsewhere. I also decided to wait on the Disney doll. I had the opportunity to examine Anna, Kristoff, and Pocahontas recently and ... color me unimpressed. I was surprised with how big they are, I thought they were vintage Skipper sized but it turns out they're teen Skipper sized. Their heads are HUGE though. I was hoping to rebody them to Barbie sized bodies, but their noggins are huge. Bigger than the Disney store I think. Right now I'm still curious to see who can wear their shoes, but for the most part my interest in them has lessened. I still want one to see what they're like, but I'm willing to wait until they're on sale.  I wasn't really expecting too much, but it feels like same old dolls, different manufacturer.

I did leave Walmart with the two accessory paks that I've been wanting to find and they are so cute! I haven't gotten the chance to use them with Charlotte yet, but Joe's been playing with them. A little annoying thing, on the bottoms on a lot of them there's an extra ring of plastic. This is designed to go with a play set so they can click into place and be easier to play with. A great idea for the play set, but I don't have it nor do I want it. This leaves me with an extra bit of plastic that makes items uneven on the bottom. Luckily I'm proficient in using a nail file to sand off what I don't like.

So it's only the 13th and I get to update my wish list again! I also added a new item to the list, the pivotal Silkstone since real life pictures of her leaked and I think she's stunning. I love the cat eye she's got going on. I'm wondering if I should update the Purple Gem Fairy cross out, I contacted Mattel and they asked me to send her back so they could look at her issues in person. I can't really X her out if I don't have her any more, can I? Especially since I'm not sure if I like her enough to get another one.

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  1. Did you ever get around to experimenting with rebodying a hasbro head onto a barbie (or other doll body)? I'm thinking of trying to put Hasbro Rapunzel head on a made-to-move barbie body (or if that won't work, a disney rapunzel body) and was wondering if it would work...