Saturday, January 2, 2016

Where do I go from here?

So I've been doing a lot of pondering lately about my collection. December was an expensive month for me on a variety of levels except for new vintage dolls. I will freely admit that I did spend a fair amount of time shopping for new vintage dolls, but I really didn't see anything that caught my eye. I've come to the conclusion that I think I have enough vintage dolls for now. I will always love them, but I think for right now I have enough of them to satisfy me. I do have a wide assortment of vintage dolls, whenever I was shopping the majority of the dolls I was seeing I already had one similar enough to make me not need this other doll. I know that there will be dolls that I find too cheaply to pass up and there are a few expensive vintage dolls I'm still hoping to add to the collection but for the most part I'm cooling down on vintage Barbie (for right now).

I did spent a fair amount of money on some Integrity dolls this past month. On their website they were selling off some extra stock at decent prices. I managed to pick up several dolls I liked for prices that I found affordable. I do like certain Integrity dolls, the original Vanessa face mold is lovely and I'm amassing a modest collection of Homme dolls. However, I'm not terribly impressed with certain aspects of the dolls. For dolls that are so expensive several of the ones I've gotten have had some pretty shoddy factory flaws. I know I got them for a deal, but for the prices they charge originally I should not be having such issues. These are things that I'd gripe about Mattel doing and the dolls I buy from them are usually a third of the cost of what I paid at Integrity. 

Speaking of Mattel I have been looking at what's coming out from them for the upcoming year, from both the collector and play lines. I'm hoping to join the Barbie collector club this year, there's a couple of higher end dolls I'm interested in and getting 20 dollars each quarter to spend at their shop sounds good even if I'm just using it to buy an articulated body for a different doll. The play line looks interesting this year, but I'm not sure how many of them will come home with me. From what I've seen so far, three dolls are getting released with glasses (now that Joe wears glasses full time I will always buy a doll with glasses). Out of the three only one looks to be actually different, and that's only because they're in a different color. It looks like the Game Developer Barbie is wearing the Eye Doctor glasses just in brown. Mattel's already released these glasses in light blue with the Ice Cream romper Fashionista doll (which I've already bought). The other two dolls look to have the same glasses at previously released dolls that I already own. But you'll never know what catches my eye and what I just have to have from Mattel. Sometimes a doll will just come along that I can't live without and a doll that I thought I'd like I end up not and she moves out, or never moves in at all.

I am a little worried about having too many dolls. I have been buying a lot the past few years and I'm concerned about running out of room and time. Sometimes there's a fine line between collector and hoarder and I do not want to cross it. I know people who live on their own and have so many doll things they have to rent storage units to keep everything in. And I worry about getting to that point. I want to have a collection that I like and enjoy, not have so much stuff that it can't even fit in my space. I'm going to try to focus on what I already have instead of focusing on my next accusation and having my collection be a focus on what's coming next in the mail. Also, I really do need to save my money for better things. I'm hoping to move out on my own soon and I'd be much better served not buying dolls and selling off what I don't want.

Watch, after I said this I'll be spending a ton of money tomorrow on dolls because I "need" them.

Because I love contradicting myself.

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  1. I hope that you can find a balance in your collection that works for you. Sometimes it's hard to find.