Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dolls Found In Town Don't Count

So the other day I went into town with my father. Since we've both been working our jaunts into town have slowed down, but we still try to make the rounds every once in a while. That day we went out to hit up the thrift stores as well as a few other stops. It was pretty slim pickings, but I did manage to score an inexpensive small lot of modern doll clothes in it that I'm going to add to the doll donation swap out pile. So that was nice.

We were going to leave the downtown area and head to our next stop when the truck wouldn't start. (It's been doing this a lot, and I think it's a common issue but they still won't do a recall to fix it). Usually we just have to wait 10 minutes then try it again. Most of the time that works, but sometimes you'll have to wait beyond that. Since we were stuck waiting for the truck to "rest" for at least 10 minutes I suggested we go to one of the other shops on the strip. Might as well spend that time doing something fun instead of awkwardly waiting for the truck to finally decide to start.

I ended up picking to go to the last shop on the main stretch to visit. I haven't been there for a while, and out of the three stores on that block I have gotten some pretty good deals there (mainly being the 3.25 Happy Family Neighbor doll that I sold for 90 bucks on E-bay!). So we headed on over.

There wasn't a whole lot to see, this place doesn't have a huge amount of turn around so most of what was there had been there the last time I had been, but sometimes you do strike gold. I was almost done wondering the first floor before heading upstairs when in a case I spotted a Skipper box. I immediately drew in closer. The box was in the back behind some overpriced 70's era boy's toys. I could see the edge of the price tag, but couldn't see anything that was written on it. (I HATE when something is in a case and I can't see the price). I went around to the back of the case and tried to peer down through the glass top to see if I could read the tag. I still couldn't. I thought about asking the price, but I knew from previous experience and from what I could see the prices on, that seller tended to be on the higher end of pricing. Then I noticed that the back of the case was opened and it didn't even have a lock. It just had a sign saying they were watching us. *Eyes dart around suspiciously* I gingerly opened the case to look at the price sticker, I was slow in case I wasn't supposed to be doing that and was going to get yelled at (I just want to know how much it cost!). Pulling back the door finally revealed the price, 15 dollars! I was shocked and thought maybe it was just the box without the doll. I picked up the box and it certainly felt heavier than had it been empty. I gently pulled the lid off and there she was, a Titan Skipper, wearing a total hodgepodge of an outfit waiting for me to take her home. I brought her over to my father and made him verify the price was only 15 dollars (watch me miss a 0 and it be 150), but she wasn't and we paid our 15 dollars and got out of the store. I kept my poker face on until I got back to the car. I didn't want the check out person knowing how excited I was. I think they were also the seller since they made some comment to me about the doll (that was incorrect) but showed they had more knowledge of the item than the average person.

Oh, and the truck started right up after we got back and didn't give us any trouble the rest of the day.

The rest of the trip was uneventful other than trying desperately to keep Skipper's box safe. It's survived 50 years, it doesn't need me ruining it 50 seconds after owning it. We all made it home safely and I quickly removed her clothes and cleaned her up.

So let's talk about my 15 dollar buy! Like I said, Skipper came with her box. It is the original box with Skipper in her classic swimsuit standing in front of Barbie and Midge. I'm pretty sure Straight Leg Skipper had just one box. This one is marked 1963 and has pictures on the sides of her and Skooter showing the many additional outfits you could buy for her. The box is for a Redhead (stock number 0905) and seems to have 3.70 and some small mark I can't make out written in large faint black lettering (perhaps a price she was sold for?) on the bottom flap. She comes with her original box backing too, she's missing her liner though. The person who sold it to me taped the price sticker to the bottom of the box liner. I really wish people wouldn't do that. Even carefully removing it could cause damage. For someone who sells antiques they of all people should know that tape + paper = damage. The box top and bottom are in fairly nice shape. The bottom has one corner that's split, but the other three are good. The top doesn't have any splits and has minor to fair wear on it. Overall I think it's pretty good for a piece of card stock that doesn't usually last beyond when they first get it. Definitely a nice addition to my collection.

*Spoiler Alert*
When I got her Skipper's biggest issue was that she was dirty. I don't think she got played with too much but she did have 50 plus year of surface dirt on her. A quick wash and hair combing and she was back to looking lovely. She's one of the brighter carrot colored red heads and it's such a lovely shade of red, much brighter than vintage Midge's hair color. She has an extremely tiny rub to her lower lip but other than that her face paint is lovely. She could stand to get a little more in depth cleaning but overall she's just a wonderful doll. She alone is well worth 15 dollars in my opinion. Luckily she wasn't wearing her original swimsuit so she didn't get the red stains that so many Skipper dolls get. I do need to spend a little more time on her hair, her bangs tend to want to not lay as flat as they should.

When I found Skipper was was bundled up in several random pieces of clothing. She was like a nomad wearing everything she owned on her journey to me. It's an interesting blend of Mattel clothes, something I haven't identified yet, and poorly made home made pieces. I guess I'll start with her outermost layer and work my way down, kind of like a mummy. Perched on Skipper's head was a hat. It took me far too long to identify it, but it's actually the sleeping cap to Francie's "Tuckered Out (1966). It's missing the flowers on top, but still has the gingham bow. I actually have the nightgown that this bonnet belongs to. (However the buttons on the nightgown are warped). It's always amusing when I stumble across part of an outfit I already have part of. I so rarely buy Barbie clothes since I usually just want to buy the dolls. The next clothing piece I came across was something I have yet to identify. It reminds me
of a tutu. It was wrapped around Skipper's waist like a tutu. It's a band of pale pink fabric with a short skirt of silver with metallic threads woven in netting. The ends of it are unfinished with minor fraying. It does fit Skipper, it's just a very short skirt. I'm not sure where it's from. If it's home made, it's a lot nicer than the rest of the home made clothing she was wearing. Part of me feels like I've seen this before, but I just cannot place it. I put a picture of it on Flickr, so I'm hoping someone might be able to identify it. If anyone here know what it is, please let me know in the comments. Underneath that Skipper was wearing an apron. Made from a medium weight woven white cotton,
this apron is clearly hand made. It has no hems and the only stitching is on the waistband with large clunky stitches. However they did make the effort to close the ends of the ties at the waist. I assume a child made this, reminds me a lot of my early sewing projects. It's a bit discolored, but not terribly so. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with it. Under that Skipper had on a skirt, kind of. Made from a loosely woven yellow ... burlap?, Skipper had it gathered at her waist with a green rubber band. A rubber band that snapped on me when I was trying to take it off and I have
not seen it since. The skirt has been stapled in the back as well as the waist to create the shape of the skirt. I actually like this fabric and might see if I can salvage it and make a pencil skirt for Barbie. We shall see.

And finally Skipper was wearing the white short sleeve shirt from "School Days" (1964). It looks to be in really nice shape, except it's yellowed. Ironically only in the places that weren't covered by the yellow skirt, I guess I know the skirt fabric is not going to stain. I'd like to fix it, but I'm so bad at stain removal I'm sure I'd just mess it up. The clothing was really just a bonus since I would have bought the doll with or without them, still nice to get especially since I didn't have either of the Mattel pieces in my collection before this.

So now I have a new to me Skipper, and one with her original hair! The majority of the Skipper dolls I have I've had to re-root their hair. She's so lovely and I got her for such a great price. The only issue is where do I display her box? I want to make sure it's safe. I don't have very many boxes. I have one Barbie box and the box backing for Ken and Tammy. Any suggestions? 

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  1. Great find! You can buy clear plastic boxes to keep your boxes in.(That does sound weird and pointless, doesn't it?)The net skirt thing looks familiar. I think I have one too,so not homemade. Ginny maybe? A headpiece maybe?