Thursday, February 18, 2016

Online Dolls DO Count

February has been an expensive month, and I just cannot stop spending! 

I really, really, really need to curb my spending. I have been better the past few weeks, but I should still be better than that. This story is a few weeks old but after I found out my work hours were being slashed so I really have no excuse.

I was checking out the new listings on my arch-nemesis, E-bay. When bored I scope out the new listings and usually can walk away after a few pages finding nothing I want. However this time I found something I wanted (Gosh, how many times have I written that exact statement? I really should just say "I was on E-bay..." and you all can fill in the rest).

Anyway, I found a listing for an American Girl. For some reason American Girls are one of my favorite vintage dolls. I can pass by even Ponytails at decent prices, but American Girls I will always want MORE. Which is weird since one of the reasons why I don't like Bubblecuts is because their hair is too short, but American Girl's hair is really not that much longer....

So this new doll had been listed as a possible prototype Bubblecut (say that three times fast), but I knew she was a short haired American Girl who needed some light hair styling. I found out after she arrived that she's the first release with the shorter hair and without any Made in Japan markings. I ended up snatching her up at 64.99 with free shipping. Yes, it's a lot of money for my usual expenses but even American Girl heads get listed for more than that so I decided to jump on it.

She's mostly in good shape, well she's from good shape from the waist up. She has the course blonde hair that just needed some light brushing to get it back into it's correct style. Her face paint is nice, she does have wear to her eyelash ridges and her right eyebrow is a little faded. Her lips are a pale coral color but are in the process of oxidizing to a buttercream color. Her torso is nice with minimal play wear. Right now she's not suffering from any cracking at the shoulders that some of the American Girl's get. Her arms are very nice with all her fingers and a lot of her original nail polish. Her legs are where her issues are. Her right leg is the better of the two. It's only issues are some deep chews from the calf down. It's a shame since it's a very nice leg without those issues. Why vintage child, why couldn't you keep your teeth to yourself!?!? Her left leg however.... mess. It also has chews, but it's broken at the knee and torn and hanging on by a small big of vinyl. I'm surprised the leg has held on this long.

She will be a very pretty doll with some work. Luckily I've been experimenting with bleaching Malibu Barbie legs and had some success so I'm feeling cocky that I'll be able to replace her legs and have a really pretty doll. The only thing I don't like about the Malibu legs is that their hips and smaller and I really like how wide the American Girl's hips are. It's very hourglass shaped which is lovely for their mid-60's fashion.

However I don't have any Malibu dolls to use for their legs right now, so I'll have to hunt for some. One more project added to the pile, but at least this doll's introductory post is finished! 

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