Monday, February 15, 2016

Personal Ramblings, Minor Doll Chat

I found out the other day the Handcock Fabrics in my town is closing. The company declared bankruptcy and is closing several stores in North Carolina, our local store included. I'm not sure how long they would have lasted even if they hadn't closed for that reason. Whenever I'd go in there, it was pretty dead. I'd freely admit that I'd wander in during non-peak hours, usually before or after work or during my lunch break, but lots of times it was extremely quiet in there. I wonder if they would have done better if they didn't open a store at the mall and went with a standalone store instead. The local mall is extremely quiet (it really is a dying mall) and they might have had better luck if they had their own location instead of hoping being in the mall would bring in customers.

I will miss being able to wander through there when I had extra time at work. I did stop on Saturday after I found out it was closing. It made me very sad being in there. I didn't buy anything because everything was actually more expensive than before when they were not closing. Also I didn't need anything, I haven't had much time for crafting lately so I really don't need more fabric when I haven't touched any on the pieces I bought at that store a couple of weeks ago when they were having a really good sale. (My fabric spending has really been low lately, which is good since I have so much and so little time to sew).

But that might be changing soon, I might soon be out of a job. Things are not looking good where I work and our hours have been slashed. The company as a whole isn't doing well, and we are in the same dying mall as Handcock and we are at more of a disadvantage since we're at the back of the mall. The hours have been so stretched thin that lots of time there's one person covering two departments. Tomorrow they have nobody scheduled to work in my department and the other department has to cover the entire day, which is crazy. I've asked around and people do seem under the impression that they're trying to keep the store open, but I wonder if their extreme cutting of hours is actually going to end up killing the store. If one person is working two department there's going to be a fair number of sales we're going to end up losing just because we're only one person and can't do it all. This week I have one day at 5 hours, and I'm lucky. Out of my department of 4 people (we had 5, but Kelly left last week for a better job) only two people have hours, the full time person and me. Lots of people in the store don't have any hours. They keep talking about how March will be better and I hope so. Working like it is now is so stressful. They managed to make an unpleasant job even worse.

And while I don't love my job, there's things I do like about it (beyond the paycheck). The people I work with are mostly great people. They are dedicated and do the best they can for the customer. The problem is, the customer's are not there. We just don't get a lot of foot traffic and even when we do make a sale lots of times something will happen in the pipeline that ends with it getting cancelled. Something that's not our fault and even if we spend hours trying to fix it (which has happened) sometimes it still ends up costing us. The company as a whole really needs to rethink some things if they want to stay in business, well beyond our little store.

So I have a lot of free time this week. Lately I've been unproductive and just terrible at getting things done, however this week I've managed to be pretty productive. Yesterday I spent some time organizing some things and today I did even more. I got my bedside table all cleaned up and organized a ton of stuff around my work desk. I did a lot of small detail orientated work that I've been skipping. The desk is still a mess but is better than it's been in a while so I am making progress. I'm going to start job hunting in more seriousness this week too. Even if we don't close, if my hours remain this low it won't really be worth it working there.

I really need to cut back my spending. I've been so bad this month and we're only a little more than halfway through. I am going to try really hard on not spending any more. I've saved up a small chunk of change from working and I will NOT spend it on frivolous things when it's for me moving out and onto my own. So I will need to be better about my spending since I know there's a few splurges that I will want to do during the year. Specifically if there's any Dynamite Boys this year from Integrity and I know I'll be buying the new Disney dolls in June since I'm still addicted to the shoes they come with (hopefully they're still using them and they have new colors). I'll just need to curb my spending, focus on finding a new job, focus on E-bay sales, and focus.

One day at a time people, am I right?

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