Friday, February 26, 2016

Suuuuuuper Tempting (Articulated Male Body)

I need to be shopping like I need another hole in my head. However I woke up today feeling tired and lousy so I've spent the day loafing about. One of the loafing about activities including looking for the Disney Store Flutter Rosetta doll. This is one of the dolls that is wearing the flat shoes I've been obsessed with getting. The only reason why I don't already have her is because she wasn't released in the United States. I don't understand why but for some reason Disney only released her in foreign markets. They released all of the other Flutter dolls they produced here, just not Rosetta. So she was hard to find and when you could find her she was expensive and shipping was a nightmare. I refused to pay that much for her since she was only a play line doll and shouldn't cost too much more than the other dolls in that line, so I never ended up getting her. I was holding out hope they would release the doll on the US site, but apparently it's not meant to be. They've actually stopped selling the Rosetta doll on the UK site and have stopped selling all dolls but the Tinkerbell doll on the US site. It's shame since all the dolls use the same head and body molds they could easily finish out the line (Silvermist and Iradessa never got any dolls in this line) so a child could have their favorite doll from the series.

Anyway, this post is not actually about Rosetta, or even Disney (I never actually ended up finding the doll anyway, not even at a higher price than retail). That search continues.

I was over on Aliexpress with the hopes of finding her shoes separately or with an outfit. There have been times where I have found different colors of that shoe being sold in a Chinese made outfit, it's why I have a purple pair. No luck on finding a red pair, but I did find something interesting.

An articulated male doll body with removable feet and hands. I'm not sure where the torso originated from. The molded on underwear looks a lot like the Fashionista Ken ones, but they don't have waist articulation or nipples. I do know that the hands and feet are from the pivotal Ken bodies. I don't know if those bodies the hands and feet are removable, I don't think they are. The arms and legs could be pivotal Ken's as well, but I can't say for sure.

I am very tempted by this doll for two reasons. First of all it looks like the body could work for the Disney Prince dolls. Those dolls use the neck knob body system to keep their head on, so these bodies should fit those heads without any issues. I have several Disney Prince dolls and while I like the heads, I hate how static their bodies are. I could live with internal rubber knees, but I would love wrist articulation. I adore wrist articulation, it really make a body so much more expressive. I also am curious about this body for Generation Girl Blaine. He is on his original 2000's era Ken body (which is less articulated than the Disney Prince dolls). He has a knob on his head that fits into the body, but I'm wondering if I could cut off the neck knob on the body and sand the opening wide enough to fit his head. I would love to get him some articulation. He's the last of my play dolls on his original static body. I don't want to modify the head any since if I messed that up I'd ruin the doll, I'm much more comfortable wrecking a body than the head.

I haven't bit the bullet and bought any bodies yet, but I am super duper tempted. Has anyone bought these bodies yet or know anyone that has? I'm curious about the quality.


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  2. Did you end up getting the body? Did it work?