Thursday, February 25, 2016

The end of the Dynamite Girls?

I got an email the other day from a doll dealer I had purchased from in the past. It was a generic "look at what's new!" email. I haven't bought anything from them in a while but I like getting emails from them since lots of time those emails will be the first place I'll see some dolls. This mainly applies to Integrity dolls since I don't have any real resources to see what's on the horizon. This last email was showing off their new releases of the Color Infusion line.
I did check out all the dolls and they are interesting. The line has two men and three women dressed in what I would consider club clothes. I liked one of the male dolls the best, but I balked at 110 dollar price tag and decided that even though I liked him, I'd be much better served waiting for the Dynamite Girls line. However I've heard rumor that this new line will actually be replacing the Dynamite Girl. I am saddened if this proves true because I was really hoping for new Dynamite Girls dolls to be released this year. Now that I'm working they were a good (when found at retail) opportunity to purchase an Integrity doll at a decent price. I was hoping for new releases last year, but they didn't have any new dolls. I was hoping they'd be back this year, but I guess they might not be back at all. Which is very disappointing. Even though the Dynamite Girls sold out extremely quickly and the prices have been jumping up each year, it's still sad to see a line end that still had so much potential. I guess Integrity would rather drop the line and create a new line that doesn't have the "budget" connotations of Dynamite Girls.

I freely admit that I don't know much about Integrity dolls. I know a few people who collect them and I personally only dabble in them (mostly in their male dolls). Now are the Color Infusion lines popular enough to replace the Dynamite Girl line? I know they sell Color Infusion at convention because whenever convention is over they flood the secondary market. And a great deal of them just sit there. Out of all the lines I see from Integrity, Color Infusion seems to be the one that doesn't rise in value. The men seem to sell better than the women, but they use the same bodies at the regular homme dolls. The women use the same bodies as the Jem line and the Katy Keene line, and neither of those lines have really set the world on fire. I personally feel one of the issues with the Color Infusion line is the bodies. I've only seen one of them in person and I was surprised with how big their feet and hands were. I didn't have Joe on me at the time, but I'm pretty sure their hands and feet were extremely close in size. I think if they had a different body that was easier to share shoes with what's already out there, they'd be more popular.

Do you dear reader think that the Dynamite Girls run is over and Color Infusion is their replacement?

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  1. I don't think CI is replacing the DG's. I think as usual this is another chance for IT too profit on a line that has been so popular at convention they're trying it on the public. I am passing on this line. I think that it's too early to commit to anything since everything hasn't been revealed.

    The DG's are on hiatus according to David Buttry(designer). I hope they make an appearance this year