Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Don't leave me holding the bag! No wait, do

Continuing our posts in sharing the lot I bought off Etsy we can take a break from shoes (but we will be back, I assure you that) and move on to purses! Just like with hangers, the purses in the lot range wildly from era to era. I'm not sure where this lot came from, but it's weird how many different types of things there are in it. And the older things are still in nice condition, so it's not like it's a collection that got passed down from generation to generation that got played with a lot.

Oh well, it can be one of the great mysteries of life, on to purses!

Up first we have a simple rectangular plastic blow mold purse in pink. I'm pretty sure I have this exact same purse but in blue. It does open, but it's rather fragile and wouldn't hold up to real play. It's totally unmarked and other than some extra plastic it's in pretty nice shape. This purse would actually work well for a project I had in mind a few years ago, but I know if I even tried to do it, it would take much longer than I was thinking, so I'm not even going to try. I need to be finishing projects, not adding more!

After that we have another purse, same thin pink plastic as the first one. This one's more in the style of a lunch box. Again, I'm pretty sure I have this one in blue. This one feels slightly more sturdy than the first one, but not by very much. I'll probably end up dumping both of them into the purse bin and never thinking about them again. I very rarely use purses and when I do, I tend to make them out of fabric.

Speaking of fabric, our next purse is made out of fabric. It's a clutch purse made from a black fabric with a woven in chevron pattern made from a metallic gold thread. It doesn't actually open and has a bead sewn in front to make it look like it does. It looks to be in good shape, but there's a few less than stellar sewing issues at the sides, and some of the gold threads have come undone (but that last one is very minor). I actually like this purse, well the idea of the purse. If I was going to use it, I'd have to redo it. I'd want it to be a smaller clutch, and I'd replace the yellow top stitching at the front with something else. I guess they were trying to match the gold, but it's two very different colors. They really should have used black. You never know, you might see this one again.

Next we have a pair of gold dimple purses. These are very reminiscent of vintage Barbie purses, but they're knock offs. Just like with the open toed shoe knock offs, these have been used since there have been knock offs. They are fake purses, but as far as fakes go they're pretty good. I just wish they had used gold for the plastic parts. The white plastic really spoils the look for me. I might try painting these and you might see them being used especially since it's such a simple fix I'm less bound to mess it up.

After that we move to Mattel made purses! (Exciting, right?). Our first one is another simple clutch. Made from a white vinyl, this purse is a pak item. It's the most realistic of the bunch, it actually opens, is completely self contained, and has a working latch. Mine is missing the bottom part, but that's just a simple silver bead which I can easily replace. This is my first purse of this style, and I'm pretty pleased with it. I see these sell for a couple buck each, so I'm glad I got one as part of my 25 dollar lot.

Our final purse is another Mattel made purse. This one is the purse that belongs to mod Skipper outfit "Fancy Pants (1970)". Made from a pink vinyl, it features a button top clasp (fake) and three yellow vinyl daisies with white button insides. It's so cute! It looks to be in perfect shape, except there's a green line on one of the daisies. I like this purse, I think it's super cute and can't wait to use it in my collection. I might even have to hunt down a vintage outfit to go along with it. But not Fancy Pants, I don't really care for it.

Stay turned for our next blot post! We're now done with purses!   

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Knock off Chic!

Now that we are (finally) done with hangers we get to move onto another section. Now we are going to talk about shoes, one of my favorite dolly things in the world. There were a bunch of shoes in this lot, however most of the shoes are not that interesting to me. These upcoming shoes are not why I bought the lot, but since they're part of the lot, I get to talk about them with you all.

So let's get through it together!

Our first pair of shoes originally came with 70's era Skinny Ginny. I know because a few years ago I ended up with one of those dolls in a lot that was wearing her original outfit that included these shoes. She doesn't live here any more, but thanks to her I'm able to identify at least one type of shoes that are hers. Made from a white rubber material they're cute generic sneakers. Not sure if I have anyone who can wear them, we're mostly fashion dolls around here and I think anyone who's feet are long enough to wear them have feet that are too thin for them. *UPDATE* You can cram Tammy's feet in them, but her feet are slightly too big for them so the shoes are slightly stretched. They're in decent shape, since they're white they tend to pick up stains easier, so they have a few orange spots here and there. Not sure if I'll hold onto them or resell them, they're not worth very much. It might be worth it to hold onto them in case I get a doll that can wear that sized shoe.

That wasn't the only Ginny shoes in the lot. I also ended up with a pair of the same sneakers, just in red. Same exact mold, just a different color. Pretty much same condition as the white pair, but since they're red they didn't stain as easy.

There was also a single red Ginny sneaker in the lot as well. And funnily enough, I had a match for it. A week or so ago I bought a small bag of single doll shoes at a local antique store to get the 70's era Barbie shoes in it and ended up with the red Ginny sneaker. Thinking I would never find a match for it, I put it up on E-bay. And then the Universe decided I would find a match. Luckily nobody bought the sneaker so when the auction ended that week I just deleted it. The match between the two shoes aren't perfect, but it's close enough for me especially when I'll most likely never end up using either pair. And if I do I'll probably forget which one is the matched pair and which is the original pair!

Out next shoe is one that I'm not sure who it belongs to, but the foot size is the same as Ginny's, so I would bet it originally belonged to her (or at least a clone of her). These are actually a pair of boots instead of sneakers. They're not as nice quality as the sneakers though. Made from a blow mold these boots are made from an extremely thin red almost maroon plastic. They're completely unmarked, but have a decoration molded onto both sides of the boots that reminds me of fancy jean pockets. This is another hint at to them belonging to Ginny since I think she had outfits that were made using designer names, including jean designers. I'm just not sure if these are originals or clones from the originals.

Up next we have another pair of blow molded shoes. Made from a thin (but not as thin as the red boots) white plastic they're actually a pair of inline skates. These are Barbie sized (we're done with Ginny shoes). They are completely unmarked as maker and country of origin. They're decent condition, but can't see myself using them. They are destined for the "shoes that are matches that I'll never use".

After that we have a pair of ballet slippers. Another cheap blow mold pair of shoes. These are made from a thin pale pink plastic, similar to the red boots. These actually are marked "Hong Kong" on the insides in tiny hard to read letters. I'm not sure who they're supposed to fit. They're tiny and don't want to split them trying to see who they'll fit. They have holes poked into the back where they have short very frayed ribbons to tie at the doll's ankle. These are also destined for the same bag as the skates.

Moving on from that we have several different pairs of the clone open toe shoes that they've been using for clones for AGEEEEES. I remember these from my childhood clone dolls and I know they've been using them as long as clones have been around. Up first is a pair of red ones. They are marked on the bottom "Hong Kong" and are your standard clone quality. Mine have a production flaw where the strap on one of them wasn't fully molded. Not that I'm going to ever use them, but that's bad quality control for even a clone!

After that we have a pair of pink ones, these are actually kind of cute. These are marked "Hong Kong" under the length of the sole and is the kind with the two "vampire bites" holes on the bottom. These are actually really cute and I am tempted to use them in my collection, I just worry about splitting the straps, even with the super thin 70's era Barbie feet.

After that we have a pair of medium blue shoes. Like the red pair these are marked Hong Kong on the bottom and don't have any production holes. These I actually plan on using. I have that Sweet Sixteen clone with that light purple swimsuit. I think I have her in purple shoes, but I like these blue ones a lot better, so I'm going to switch them out. Standard clone quality, but since she's a clone I think she can get away with it.

After that we have white open toe shoes. There's actually several pairs of them in the lot, four including one still wrapped in plastic. They're in decent shape, except one has some extra plastic on the side and two of them have had a strap break at the side. No plans for using these, but if I ever get a lot of clone dolls with teeny tiny feet I'll have shoes for them!

Monday, March 28, 2016

I'm so disorganized....

I found more hangers from the lot that I didn't share with you all. I guess when I was splitting everything up, I put them on top of something and forgot all about them. There's not too many more, but I want to share the entire lot with you. So I'm adding another post of mostly hangers. It'll be a quick one.

Up first we have another white and another red hanger just like the ones I shared the other day. Not too much more to say about them, I said pretty much everything I could say about them in the last post.

After that we have another of the newer style pink hanger that can be used for pants and then we have something new. It's a pink hanger, same mold as the red and white ones just smaller. It's totally unmarked just like them, but made out of a slightly softer plastic. I assume it's newer than the red and white ones and they were still using the same molds, or clones of the molds.

And finally for our lost hangers, we have more vintage Barbie filigree hangers. These are the generic ones that don't have any named on them. We have a white one, two more green ones, and a yellow one. The white one has two small spots where not enough plastic was used so an area that was supposed to meet up, doesn't. Doesn't affect the usability of the hanger though. Oddly enough, both spots are mirror images of each other. Weird, right? I guess it's because of how they made these.

And since I'm doing another post for some random things I've missed, I'll add in something that there was just one of in the lot, a vintage Barbie booklet. This one is announcing the arrival of Midge and is marked 1962. It predated Allan and Skipper. I don't have too many vintage booklets, but I might have this one. It looks to be in pretty good shape with minor wear. It's fun flipping through the book and imagining being able to buy any of these things at such low prices (even though it's the era of Fashion Queen and Bubblecuts and I already have enough of those).  

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hang Ups, Literally

So I started off March being very good with doll purchases, then I decided I wanted to buy a big ticket item that was on my want list, then once that happened it was a free for all on my wallet. I spent a lot on things, some of it I'll be reimbursed for, but boy did my bank account take a hit.

I do plan on sharing most of it, not all of it since some of it was clothes for me and I doubt people care about seeing that, but I will share the doll stuff.

My most recent purchase for the month was a lot of Barbie accessories from Etsy. It was a really random lot that ranged from the early 1960's, to the mid 1990's. I didn't look too in depth at everything in the listing, but from what I saw it was definitely worth the 25 dollars including shipping it cost me. It arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with my purchase. It's a LOT of stuff, so I'm going to break the sharing posts where I talk about it over several days (perhaps weeks).

Today is all about hangers. I love hangers since I have a garment rack I made that I keep some of my doll clothes. I used to have two but recently have downsized to one due to space limitation. Despite starting out with no hangers, I now have lots of hangers to spare since I've been surprisingly successful at collecting them up despite never buying any specifically.

This lot had a lot of familiar hangers. Up first we have some standard red generic doll hangers. They're made from a hard plastic and are totally unmarked. I have other hangers like them marked Hong Kong, so I bet these are around the same time, 60's to 70's. I have eight of them, and they're mostly in good shape. There's one that the shoulder strap part is broken (but I never use that anyway since they're more likely to snag clothes than keep them on the hanger). There are a little rough around the edges in spots, but that's nothing a little time with a nail file can't fix.

After that we have the same type of hanger, just in different colors. Exactly same as the red ones we have some unmarked and in decent condition but need some slight work hangers. We have three white ones and one green one. One of the white ones has broken, but I do have both pieces and have repaired them before so I'm confident that I can fix that one so it can be used again.

Moving on from that we just ahead several decades to hangers that I'm pretty sure I had growing up, and ones I currently have in my spare hanger bags. There's a green hanger with a heart decoration. Pretty standard, this one is actually marked China. It's cute, but these kinds are hard to use with my garment rack, the dowels tend to be too thick for it. But a hanger is still a hanger. Also we have two unmarked pink hangers with bars on the bottom that can be used for hanging pants and things like that. I'm glad I got these, they're really nice for pants and since I keep lots of Joe's wardrobe separated I can always use more pants hangers. They could use some light filing, but their plastic isn't as sharp at the first hangers so I'm less worried about them damaging clothes if I use them as is.

After that we get into vintage Mattel made hangers! I don't have too many of them, and while I know they don't sell for very much they're still worth something and add value to the lot. Up first we have a set of green filigree hangers. These are the generic ones that don't have any molded in names so they could go to any doll's outfits. I think they sold them in sets too. I have four of them and they're all in really nice shape. One of them has a little bit of plastic that needs trimming off, but one quick pass with the Exacto knife and we're good to go.

Next we have some Francie filigree hangers. These are the ones with Francie's name molded into them and came with her outfits. We have two medium green ones and a white one. They look to be in really great shape. I don't think I have any Francie hangers so these are a nice addition to my collection. They're so cute! And delicate! Interesting note that it's a different hand writing for the "signed" hangers (Barbie, Francie, and Skipper). I wonder if these are based off their official signatures at the time from Mattel. It's a really cute small touch.

And finally for our hanger assortment, we have some Barbie hangers. Just like with the Francie hangers they have Barbie's name molded into them. I have a hot pink one, but also a gold/bronze/mustard colored one. The pink one is common, but I've never seen the other color before. I've done some research and haven't found out where it came from yet. If I do, I'll update this post.  

So that's all the hangers that came in the lot, a pretty decent amount. And while I didn't buy the lot for the hangers, it's always nice being able to get something I can use. Stay tuned for part 2!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Lammily Line is Growing! (and just how I wanted it to)

Lammily started another crowd funding campaign but this time it's for a male full figured doll.
This has been something I've been wanting since Lammily came into fruition. I even went so far as to email them about if they were going to be doing a male doll in the line way back when the first doll was released. (No word on actual glasses that aren't stickers or flat shoes that aren't sneakers though).

Annoyingly he's also call Lammily. I thought that was the first doll's name, guess it's more of a brand name which is so confusing when they start branching out the line like this. Could you imagine if Mattel did this? "I want the Barbie doll, no, the boy Barbie doll.".  I'm just going to dub him Liam since it's a name that you can get from the letters in Lammily.

Right now they're trying to get 70,000 dollars raised for this new doll and have a little over 4,500 raised from one day. And I'm one of the backers! They have an early bird special where you can get the doll and just the doll for 17 dollars compared to the 25 dollar full price (and without shipping). I figured the 8 dollar savings was worth it, plus the Lammily site really screws you on shipping.

The early bird specials might be sold out by the time this gets posted (they're going fast), but the 25 dollar option (with 2 dollar shipping) looks to be unlimited.