Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Don't leave me holding the bag! No wait, do

Continuing our posts in sharing the lot I bought off Etsy we can take a break from shoes (but we will be back, I assure you that) and move on to purses! Just like with hangers, the purses in the lot range wildly from era to era. I'm not sure where this lot came from, but it's weird how many different types of things there are in it. And the older things are still in nice condition, so it's not like it's a collection that got passed down from generation to generation that got played with a lot.

Oh well, it can be one of the great mysteries of life, on to purses!

Up first we have a simple rectangular plastic blow mold purse in pink. I'm pretty sure I have this exact same purse but in blue. It does open, but it's rather fragile and wouldn't hold up to real play. It's totally unmarked and other than some extra plastic it's in pretty nice shape. This purse would actually work well for a project I had in mind a few years ago, but I know if I even tried to do it, it would take much longer than I was thinking, so I'm not even going to try. I need to be finishing projects, not adding more!

After that we have another purse, same thin pink plastic as the first one. This one's more in the style of a lunch box. Again, I'm pretty sure I have this one in blue. This one feels slightly more sturdy than the first one, but not by very much. I'll probably end up dumping both of them into the purse bin and never thinking about them again. I very rarely use purses and when I do, I tend to make them out of fabric.

Speaking of fabric, our next purse is made out of fabric. It's a clutch purse made from a black fabric with a woven in chevron pattern made from a metallic gold thread. It doesn't actually open and has a bead sewn in front to make it look like it does. It looks to be in good shape, but there's a few less than stellar sewing issues at the sides, and some of the gold threads have come undone (but that last one is very minor). I actually like this purse, well the idea of the purse. If I was going to use it, I'd have to redo it. I'd want it to be a smaller clutch, and I'd replace the yellow top stitching at the front with something else. I guess they were trying to match the gold, but it's two very different colors. They really should have used black. You never know, you might see this one again.

Next we have a pair of gold dimple purses. These are very reminiscent of vintage Barbie purses, but they're knock offs. Just like with the open toed shoe knock offs, these have been used since there have been knock offs. They are fake purses, but as far as fakes go they're pretty good. I just wish they had used gold for the plastic parts. The white plastic really spoils the look for me. I might try painting these and you might see them being used especially since it's such a simple fix I'm less bound to mess it up.

After that we move to Mattel made purses! (Exciting, right?). Our first one is another simple clutch. Made from a white vinyl, this purse is a pak item. It's the most realistic of the bunch, it actually opens, is completely self contained, and has a working latch. Mine is missing the bottom part, but that's just a simple silver bead which I can easily replace. This is my first purse of this style, and I'm pretty pleased with it. I see these sell for a couple buck each, so I'm glad I got one as part of my 25 dollar lot.

Our final purse is another Mattel made purse. This one is the purse that belongs to mod Skipper outfit "Fancy Pants (1970)". Made from a pink vinyl, it features a button top clasp (fake) and three yellow vinyl daisies with white button insides. It's so cute! It looks to be in perfect shape, except there's a green line on one of the daisies. I like this purse, I think it's super cute and can't wait to use it in my collection. I might even have to hunt down a vintage outfit to go along with it. But not Fancy Pants, I don't really care for it.

Stay turned for our next blot post! We're now done with purses!   

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