Monday, March 28, 2016

I'm so disorganized....

I found more hangers from the lot that I didn't share with you all. I guess when I was splitting everything up, I put them on top of something and forgot all about them. There's not too many more, but I want to share the entire lot with you. So I'm adding another post of mostly hangers. It'll be a quick one.

Up first we have another white and another red hanger just like the ones I shared the other day. Not too much more to say about them, I said pretty much everything I could say about them in the last post.

After that we have another of the newer style pink hanger that can be used for pants and then we have something new. It's a pink hanger, same mold as the red and white ones just smaller. It's totally unmarked just like them, but made out of a slightly softer plastic. I assume it's newer than the red and white ones and they were still using the same molds, or clones of the molds.

And finally for our lost hangers, we have more vintage Barbie filigree hangers. These are the generic ones that don't have any named on them. We have a white one, two more green ones, and a yellow one. The white one has two small spots where not enough plastic was used so an area that was supposed to meet up, doesn't. Doesn't affect the usability of the hanger though. Oddly enough, both spots are mirror images of each other. Weird, right? I guess it's because of how they made these.

And since I'm doing another post for some random things I've missed, I'll add in something that there was just one of in the lot, a vintage Barbie booklet. This one is announcing the arrival of Midge and is marked 1962. It predated Allan and Skipper. I don't have too many vintage booklets, but I might have this one. It looks to be in pretty good shape with minor wear. It's fun flipping through the book and imagining being able to buy any of these things at such low prices (even though it's the era of Fashion Queen and Bubblecuts and I already have enough of those).  

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