Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Lammily Line is Growing! (and just how I wanted it to)

Lammily started another crowd funding campaign but this time it's for a male full figured doll.
This has been something I've been wanting since Lammily came into fruition. I even went so far as to email them about if they were going to be doing a male doll in the line way back when the first doll was released. (No word on actual glasses that aren't stickers or flat shoes that aren't sneakers though).

Annoyingly he's also call Lammily. I thought that was the first doll's name, guess it's more of a brand name which is so confusing when they start branching out the line like this. Could you imagine if Mattel did this? "I want the Barbie doll, no, the boy Barbie doll.".  I'm just going to dub him Liam since it's a name that you can get from the letters in Lammily.

Right now they're trying to get 70,000 dollars raised for this new doll and have a little over 4,500 raised from one day. And I'm one of the backers! They have an early bird special where you can get the doll and just the doll for 17 dollars compared to the 25 dollar full price (and without shipping). I figured the 8 dollar savings was worth it, plus the Lammily site really screws you on shipping.

The early bird specials might be sold out by the time this gets posted (they're going fast), but the 25 dollar option (with 2 dollar shipping) looks to be unlimited.

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