Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A different type of accessories

In the random lot the majority of the items in the lot were made out of plastics or rubber, pretty typical stuff for accessories. However there were a few pieces made out of fabric from it. The majority of it it's a random grouping, but I can at least group it together by what it's made out of.

Up first we have a bit of trim. Measuring roughly 13.75 inches long and a bit under 1.5 inches wide it's a piece of white trim featuring an embroidered pink center with attached lace on both sides. It's actually really cute, but a little big for Barbie scale. And unfortunately it's not long enough for someone like Chatty Cathy. It is really pretty though. I plan on keeping it in the random trim bag and in the hopes I'll find a use for it some day. The lace is sewn to the center piece at the top and the bottom so if need be I could always take it apart, then it might work better for my purposes.

After that we have what I assumed at one time was a pair of tights. Somewhere along the way they were cut down to just the leg part. They honestly could have been thigh high stockings for all I know. Made from a white netting other than the damage at the top they look to be in decent shape. It does suffer from some minor snags here and here. Luckily they have enough material at the top so I might be able to salvage them. If I take the seams down some I can hem them at the top so at least they won't be in as much danger of getting a run in them. However who knows when I'll get around to it and whenever I do a simple repair, it never ends up being truly simple.

Moving on from that we have another pair of tights, but these I know are tights and always have been because they're still all together. These are yellow but made from a similar fabric at the white pair. I'm not sure if they're vintage or not. I do know that Mattel used tights a lot in the Mod era and I can think of at least one outfit that used yellow tights, but not sure if these are them. They are in very nice shape, they do have some snags here and there, but their condition doesn't tell me much about their age. I've seen vintage items in great shape and much newer items in total trash state. It all depends on how much they were played with. They're part ways inside out in the picture since I don't like handling them for fear of snagging them.

The next item we have is a scarf. At least I think it's a scarf, for some reason it's incredibly long. It's a whopping 23.5 inches long! Made from an unhemmed white tricot material it features sewn on fringe at the short ends. When I got it there was a knot in it that I took down. It's in nice shape, especially for being unhemmed, there's only minor fraying. Not sure where it's from or if I'll ever use it, but I'll hold onto it. Never know when you'll need a scarf that you can bundle up in and I really mean bundle.

After that we have a knitted scarf. I'm pretty sure this is home made, but I could be wrong. Made from a bright pink yarn (I assume acrylic) this scarf features very loose stitched in a square netting effect and long fringe at the ends. It's a little felted, so I assume it's older (or was very popular). The fringe on the ends has mostly unraveled. I don't have a lot of mod era winter items, and don't really dress my dolls in coats, but I'll add this one to the bag where I keep fabric accessories. It's cute enough to keep around.

Our next fabric piece is a belt. I haven't identified it, but I'd bet it was made by Mattel. Here we have a belt, made out of a brown/tan/yellow colored fake suede fabric. It's not hemmed, but has white top stitching along the edge of the piece. It has a metal buckle and a single belt hole on the other side to close it. I think it belongs to a coat. At least if it's for Barbie, it would need to be something bulky in order to fit, unless she wore it very low on her hips. I'll share this item on Flickr and hopefully someone there will tell me what it is. *UPDATE* I found out where the belt it from, it belongs to Barbie's "Fun Fur(1971)" jacket and is apparently hard to find.

Moving on from that we have what I believe is a belt, but now that I'm thinking about it it could be something else, possibly a book strap. It's a simple red vinyl strip with one end having a cut out buckle part and other side being cut into a point so it will be easier to thread it through the openings. One side is smooth and one side has a very faint crosshatching pattern pressed into it. The belt itself is a little too wide for the holes, so I doubt I'll ever use it in far of damaging it, but I'd still like to know what it's from.

After that we have something that's a bit confusing for me, as in I'm not really sure what it's supposed to be. What we have it a small box made out of a blue gingham with solid white on the inside. It has a ribbon bow on the top with a long loop so you can close it using the clear plastic button on the side. I guess it might be a purse? It's really nicely made, tiny and fully lined. Whoever made this knew what they were doing. I wouldn't even try something like this is a much larger scale. It's a little dingy and the ribbon ends are a bit frayed but it's in very nice shape. Not sure what I will do with it, but I will keep it. It's an impressive bit of textile art.

Moving on from that, I believe our next item is a pair of Tutti socks. Made from white tricot fabric, these little socks have practically no foot definition. I do have a pair of Skipper socks and these are for a way smaller foot. So I'm going with Tutti. I do have a Tutti doll but I don't want to deal with putting these socks on her rubber legs, so we're just going with it. They are in decent shape. These type of socks are unhemmed at the top, they just roll the material down on the inside to create the finished top. On mine the unfinished part has rolled up so it's visible, it's an easy fix you just roll them back down. Don't know if I'll ever fight with them to put them on the doll, but I'm glad to have them.

After that we have a pair of short white gloves. Made from the same tricot as Tutti's socks these short gloves are made by Mattel and adorable. I just love little gloves like these. I don't have very many of them, I actually only have one single white vintage glove. This is my first pair. I do have a couple reproductions, but I am very glad to have these. They are in really nice shape (even though I do find that tricot cleans up nicely). I'm not sure who will be getting these, but I know someone will. They're a great addition to my collection and was one of the reasons why I wanted this lot in the first place. These usually sell for at least 7 dollars a pair plus shipping so another good value coming in this lot.

Our final item in this section I actually didn't know was in the lot when I bought it and didn't know what it was when it arrived. It took a little research to find out what it was. It's a slim green vinyl belt with a gold front clasp. It's actually the original belt to the second issue twist and turn Barbie dolls and is very hard to find. When doing research I found a completed E-bay listing where a belt of comparable condition sold for 40 dollars! I'm really not sure what to do with this. I rarely collect vintage swimsuits, but if I ever did it would be foolish to sell the hardest to find part of it. I guess I'll keep it. As long as I'm careful with it it's not like it's going to lose any value by just holding onto it (if anything it will go higher in value).

So that was the last of the fabric made items, not too bad for a lot that I didn't spend very much on.

Stay tuned for the next part!

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  1. That super long scarf looks like Audrey Hepburn's wrap from Breakfast at Tiffany's.