Saturday, April 9, 2016

I got the job!

Yes, it's true. I got a new job. I had my first interview on Monday, they called on Tuesday for a second interview, had my second interview on Wednesday, and they called to offer me the job about 25 minutes after I had gotten out of the interview. Of course I accepted it and told them I'd put in my two weeks notice where I worked. I didn't have my availability at that time for the upcoming week, but I told them I'd let them know once I did. I called on Friday morning and left a message, but still haven't heard back from them. If I don't hear from them I guess by Monday I'll give them a call on Tuesday. (I'm working on Monday so I think the timing will be better to call on the next day).

Hopefully they call back and we can start my training. I know it's unlikely, but there's a tiny voice in my head that keeps chiming in that maybe they changed their minds and unoffered me the job.

But even if that happens, I can't go back. I put my two weeks notice in on my manager's desk and have told everyone that I care about at work that I'm leaving. I have a lot of reservations about leaving, I do like a lot of the people who I work with, but I absolutely hate being a cashier and I hate the way the manager manages things and I hate the direction the company is heading. And everyone else is feeling the same way, including me in the past month we've lost or are losing 10 associates. We're not a big store, so that's a huge chunk of who works there. When I told the assistant manager I was leaving, she teared up. Not that she was that super sad to see me go, but she's been under so much stress trying to keep the store going and dealing with a manager who is totally useless and pretty nasty when dealing with associates she's reaching her own breaking point. And that's so sad to see because she is amazing. Hands down the best manager I've ever had. She's super smart, knowledgeable, helpful, dedicated, and talks to you like a person instead of a punching bag. It sounds like everyone is trying to find something else, and the people who can bail out are. I think if the economy was any better we'd also be losing more management, there's just nothing out there for them so they're stuck. I am sorry to see things end like that. They are some of the most dedicated people I've worked with, they really work hard to help out the customer as much as possible, but with the company floundering as it is, their hands are tied as it continues it slow march to it's closing.

They did just renew the store's lease for 3 more years, but cut back everyone's hours to nearly nothing. We rarely have more than one cashier for the entire store, some days we have huge breaks without one and other people have to jump in and do it. A few weeks ago I just had a week where I had 8 hours for the entire week. I'm lucky that I'm not living on my paycheck, right now I'm focused on saving my money for when I move out, but there's no way I could survive working there. My new job is a slight step back in terms of money (I'm kind of back on commission), but there's better chances for earning more. In all honesty a lot of what I will be doing is what I did in appliances, just now I'll be selling shoes.

 I will also miss the employee discount. My new job is a bit higher end so I'll be buying less from them and they don't sell toys so I can't even use it for Barbie's any more! Which in terms of savings, might be a good thing. I really shouldn't be buying. I have enough. I even went and removed Etsy and E-bay from my history so I can stop wandering on over to see what's new. I do it without thinking about it and that's got to stop. I need to be getting rid of stuff, not getting more.

I have given myself a time frame for moving out, next April. That will give me lots of time to save up money and the time to consolidate my stuff. I have a lot of things to list on E-bay to get rid of and to hopefully make some money on. I spent time this week working on relisting things that had aged out back when E-bay went from 100 free listings to 50. Even lowered the price on some things in the hopes of getting rid of them. I spent some time organizing some of the storage and was able to move all E-bay items out of the Chatty Cathy shelf of the bookcase. It's a minor victory, but something that's been bugging me for a while. Not sure if it will remain like that, but at least now the bookcase is back to being my collection, even though a lot of shelves are cluttered with dolls I'm not sure where to put right now. I really need to get another bookcase, but as is, I just don't have the room for it. Perhaps someday I will.

I also have been spending some time thinking about what I'll need for moving out on my own. Right now my plans are moving back north, which upset my mother when I told her, so I will need to think about what I will bring. I'm assuming my father will help me move (which he's done too many times to count) but the truck has a limited space. Right now I'm deciding what's important enough to bring and what's not important enough to leave behind for now. Right now my thoughts are I'm going to leave the bookcase here, since it's just a simple press board one in okay shape and takes up a lot of room and bring my set of dishes since they don't take up much room and it would cost about 50 dollars to get a new set. Luckily I have lots of time to think and thinking's free.

However my moving plans aren't set in stone. Nothing is set in stone for me, ever. In the middle of last month someone very important to me fell of my radar. Someone I miss dearly. This happened last year too, pretty much at the same time. They did come back, but them disappearing like this again is very worrisome especially since I know what lead to them not being around last year. I'm just so worried and unsure over it. I'm just taking things day by day and hoping I'll hear from them soon, even though I'm not sure if I ever will. There's a pit in my stomach that just sits there dragging me down. 

I'm just trying to look at the big picture, and be patient. I just hope there is a big picture out there for me and I'm not just working towards a gilded frame. :/


  1. Congratulations on the job. I hope things work out for you.

  2. Yay, on your new job. I remember when I had a plan to move out. I started buying the small necessities 1st. I picked up the stuff for my kitchen, bathroom, & bedroom. I had a checklist and would check things off as I bought them. I went to one of the charities to get my 1st set of livingroom furniture once I moved in.

    I hope your friend shows up soon and is okay

  3. Congratulations and good luck!