Monday, April 4, 2016

Just a quick, long, rambling, update....

Hello everyone, just wanted to do a quick update on a few things in my life right now.

I am still working on the posts about that doll accessory lot, progress is just slow since I'm working on a million other things at the same time because that's just what I do. There's so much stuff to talk about. Next lot I buy is going to have less stuff! (Just kidding. If it's good, I will buy it regardless of how many items are in it).

Non-doll related, I had a job interview today and it went really well. I talked with the interviewer for over an hour and she said she was very interested in hiring me but needed to talk with the higher ups and could possibly need a second interview. Which would be a good step in the right direction. I feel bad about leaving my current job, I like a lot of people that I work with but they recently did away with my department so I got switched to another section. They did work with me so I was able to keep the same pay rate and stay off commission, but I'm just not happy there. Every day is dreadful and even when I'm done and have a few days off I'm still not happy because I know that I will eventually have to go back there. A lot of the new department has things in common with my old job, but there's still several new things (including helping out in a department I've never worked in before) and I've gotten no training. I'm tired of having to teach myself how to do my job properly when they keep failing to train me and I'm fed up with it. So I've been looking harder for a new job in the hopes of being able to get out of there. Even though I like some of my co-workers, I don't see to many of them now that I've switched and what's the point of liking a few people when I'm miserable being there?

I'm really glad the interview went well, I was really nervous going in and felt I wasn't right for the job. It's a bit higher end than my current job. Walking up to the store I had a total fight or flight moment and thought about just leaving, but I made myself go. Part of the issue was that my confidence was shaken up on last Friday. I had a job interview with a competing store and it did not go well. I'm not one to say this, but honestly I think the person interviewing me just does not like me. I interviewed with them last year as well, before I started working where I work now and that interview was short, had odd questions, and didn't have a lot of content. This interview was pretty much the same way, except now I had a year of experience under my belt working in one of the departments I would possibly working in there. It's like, hello! I've been doing that job there for a year, I can certainly do it here. Oh well, I guess I should just cross that company off that list. That woman's been working there for a year less than I've been alive, so I doubt she'll be moving on any time soon and there's no point wasting my time with a person who is setting me up to fail. Seriously, who asks a question regarding "tell me a time you felt threatened at work or school?". What an odd, odd, odd question. I applied there since I figured my current experience was going to be helpful in getting a job there, but apparently that's not the case.

And I will point out another issue I had with the first interview. I applied like 12 days before hand, got no calls so I assumed they weren't interested. I applied for a new position that popped up online, they called the next day around 2:30, asking if I could come in for an interview THAT afternoon. It's like, the afternoon is halfway over. I made an appointment at 4:30 and thought it was about the second application, turns out it was for the first one. Good to see they can move as slow as molasses, but I have to jump when called. (And I don't even work for them!) I talked to someone who works there that I sort of know and they said to call and ask about the job since that show initiative, but I'm not sure it's work wasting more time on it. She really does not seem to like me and I mean it, I am not one of those people who assumes everyone who's not super nice to them it means they hate them. I know I'm not that important, but there's something about this woman where our dealings are not good. But today was the total opposite, (even though I was still pretty much the same me as from Friday and wearing the exact same interview outfit, so clearly the issue from that first interview was not me) so hopefully something will come from that.

Ebay was good this past month. I had a grand total of 11 sales so in-between January and February's numbers. I'm not sure if April will be that good since I don't have any free listings beyond the 50 so most things will just get one turn this month, but at least they'll be getting an option to sell and are not just sitting around collecting dust.... well, they are but they're also collecting views and hopefully will move onto someone elses house to collect different dust.

Keep your fingers crossed for me please!


  1. Some of those type of job interview questions must surely be illegal to ask.

  2. Have you thought about trying Mister Dollface instead of eBay?

  3. Trust your instinct. If someone keeps giving you a bad impression there's a reason for it. If all her questions are as idiotic as that one I wonder how she's kept her job so long. A job interview isn't a therapy session.