Sunday, April 24, 2016

Let's Get Physical, Physical!

It's time for our next installment of what was in the lot from Etsy! I hope you're not getting tired of it, we have three more posts to go after this one. With the majority this lot I'm able to break it down into pretty defined groupings. (Shoes, hangers, purses, and so on), but with some of them it's not as clear cut. Our next grouping is kind of cobbled together into a "Sport and Activities" section. It's not the best, but at least it's a bit cohesive.

Up first we have two Barbie sized tennis rackets. They are completely made out of plastic, with a long slot in the handle for the doll's hands so they can "hold" it. One is white and one is yellow. The color is the only thing different between the two of them. They're both completely unmarked and in pretty nice shape. I'll probably toss these into the doll donation bin since that meeting is coming up soon and while I can't remember if I have tennis rackets already I can't see myself using these.

After that we have a yellow sun visor. Made of a yellow plastic that looks like a perfect match to the yellow tennis racket, I bet these two items came together. It's your standard sun visor, marked under the brim with "China'. I already have some like this one, so this one will also get donated.

Next we have a pair of sunglasses. I'm not even sure if I saw them when I was deciding to buy the lot or not, but even if I had they weren't much help in swaying me. It's just a generic purple pair of aviator sunglasses. I would bet these are knock off of Mattel 80's era sunglasses just made out of solid plastic where they didn't even bother painting them metallic so it would look like you could see through them. These will also end up in the donated pile. I have enough sunglasses I don't use, I don't need a pair I don't even like.

Also in the lot were parts of Great Shape Skipper's original outfit. I know it's hers because at a recent doll meeting someone had a bunch of 80's era items and one member pieced together a complete Great Shape Skipper doll and outfit from the items. I now own her pink and blue striped tights, her blue and pink workout bag, and her pink squishy made in the Philippians sneakers. They're all in pretty good shape but I do need to wash the sneakers. I plan on listing these on E-bay since I don't have Great Shape Skipper and don't think I'll ever get one. So maybe someone trying to complete their doll will want them and buy them so I can recoup some of what I spent on this lot.

And finally we have a jump rope. I actually only figured out what this was because of doing research for something else in the lot. It's the jump rope from Skipper's "Action Fashion" (1971) accessory pak set. Made from a red and white twisted twine? it's closed at both end with clear plastic. It's super simple, but effective. Mine's in pretty good shape, the white part is not as pristine as it could be and the plastic ends don't look perfect, but I think that's just how they were made at the factory.

Our next item is a bit of a cheat, it really should be under shoes, but since I have so many shoes to talk about and can fit them under the sporty theme, I'm going to talk about it here. It's one of the great things about owning your own blog, I make the rules no matter how petty they our. Here we have a pair of ballet slippers. Made from a sickly looking off yellow vinyl (not sure if these aged to this color or they started out that way) these toe shoes feature a bit of corded ribbon stuck that's been punctured into the back of each shoe to create the ribbon ties. Both cords have been knotted and have fraying on the edges but other than that look good. The cords are a pale pink color, so I wonder if that's the color the shoes started out as. They are crudely marked on the bottom of each shoe as Taiwan. I haven't been able to find a specific definite proof of where these came from, but I believe they are vintage 70's era Mattel. I did see a loose Ballerina Barbie outfit being sold with the same style of shoe, and they were using this same shoe mold back in their made in Japan days. It's not Ballerina Barbie's stock shoes but I believe they could be shoes sold with one of the additional outfits sold for her. Can't say I'm 100 percent sure they are though. I'll add these to my vintage shoe collection, but not sure if I'll ever use them. We don't have too many Ballerina's around here. And the color looks less gross in the picture than it does in real life.

Our final part of this grouping is a trio of ice skates, well two pairs are ice skates, one pair is missing the skate parts but is made from the exact same mold. I don't think these are Mattel made, but I could be wrong. They're much nicer condition than your usual knock off quality. Made from a white rubber with a hard plastic "blade" that gets set into the soles of the shoes these ice skates have a very unusual feature, they have real laces. They have a slit down the front with holes on either side so you can lace them up. They are marked on the bottom as "Hong Kong". The pair without the blades are a shade or two lighter than the other pairs so I think they are a matching set. The laces are a bit frayed and worn and for some reason the ones with the blades all have pieces of tape or tape residue on them. I'm assuming it was just easier to stick the tape on them and not have to both tying them each time they wanted to use them. I wasn't able to identify the shoes, but I did see someone selling a pair on E-bay for 20 bucks! Which is crazy, yes they're cute shoes, but not 20 dollars cute. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them. I might end up listing them on E-bay, or not. It's not like I don't have a shortage of things I need to sell on E-bay. I do know I'll remove the tape and it's sticky residue. That's got to go.

And with that we've completed the sport section of the random lot. Lots of interesting stuff, some I can use, some I can not. A few things will get donated so it's not a total loss. Even if I can't use it, I can at least try to find someone who will enjoy it.

Stay tuned for the next part! (Hopefully I won't be keeping you waiting for months to finish it!)

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