Sunday, April 24, 2016

More Shoes, just what I needed!

After taking a long break from posting about that random lot I purchased off Etsy, it's time to get back into it! In the lot there we some other shoes. Modern shoes, several of which I already have an example of, perhaps even in the same color. However with my shoe addiction, repeats are never a bad thing. In fact, the more the merrier!

Our first pair of shoes are simple white tennis shoes. These are made by Mattel and is a shoe mold they've been using for decades. These are made out of a slightly flexible plastic and are a little rough around the edges. They are marked on the insides as being made in Hong Kong. I have seen knock off of these shoes before, but I think these are official Mattel made pairs. They just didn't have good quality control back then (or now, but that's another blog post). I like these shoes, they fit a variety of dolls including Skipper. I have several pairs of white sneakers already, but I have no problem adding another pair to my collection.

After that we have a pair of pink boots. These are combat boots and date from the 90's. I know because I have/had a pair just like these growing up. And I hate, hate, hate them. These shoes are designed so that the doll's feet don't sit in them properly. The toes are closed off, so when the doll is standing on them only her toes touch the soles. I hated it then and I hate it now. These are unmarked, most likely from China and will get donated. I have a pair of them in black (for some reason), but will not be keeping a pair of them in pink. I know I will never use them. They look to be in decent shape, guess they didn't get played with much, probably because they're awful. It's a cute mold, it's the fit that drives me batty.

Moving on from those (and taking deep calm breaths) we have a pair of genie slippers. Made from a white plastic these simple flats are arched to fit the high heeled foot and feature a curled toe. They are marked on the insides with China. One of them is a little dinged up at the toe part but it should display decently. I actually already have a pair of these in white, so these would be spares. I only use the first pair at Halloween, so I doubt I'll ever need a second pair but it's still nice to have. They are a little dirty, so I'll have to give them a quick washing before putting them away.

After that we have a pair of pink sneakers. These are different than the first pair since they're newer. These are the bigger sized shoes made for the flat foot "gymnast" style dolls. They are slightly squishy and made from a very hot pink pink plastic. They're in really nice shape, don't think they got played with much. I'll most likely swap these out at the doll donation meeting. I don't dislike them, but don't have any dolls that have the flat feet so there's no need holding onto them in case I ever get one. Especially since I don't really care for that body.

Our next three pairs of shoes have something in common, they all share the same markings. Inside each shoe they have "TBKI China" molded into them. I believe those markings mean they are from The Brass Key Inc.. Brass Key is a company mainly known for their porcelain dolls, they make a lot of porcelain Disney dolls. It was after I looked up the markings I remembered something. Way back when I was doing E-bay searched for Disney doll shoes in the hopes of finding new colors of the Disney store flat shoes that I was obsessed with (still am in fact) when I discovered that Brass Key had sold boxed sets of Disney themed Barbie outfits. They were knock offs, but I'm guessing these are the shoes they would have come with. I don't think they ever made porcelain dolls that small and I'm pretty sure all their dolls have molded and painted on shoes.
We have two different styles of shoe from Brass Key, a standard Barbie "Minnie Mouse" style pump and a flat shoe. The heels aren't an exact copy of the Mattel shoe, but they look pretty darn close. The front part on these shoes seems to be larger and the inside edge is a little rougher. So while it's not an exact clone, I think Brass Key started with a Barbie shoe and did some minor tweaks to get their shoe. I have two colors, white and a peach color. They fit 90's era Barbie feet pretty well. I'll add these to my spares bag. 
The flat Brass Key shoe looks to be a pretty standard knock off of the 80's era Big Head Skipper doll shoes. I compared it to one of those shoes and the biggest difference is that Skipper's shoes have a small heel and this one doesn't. There are a few other minor differences, but they are very minor. It's clear who was inspired by who. These shoes do have an interesting design feature. Both pairs have two small molded in slits in the back of the shoe at the heel. I assume for ribbon to be threaded through so you can put it on the doll's feet. My shoes didn't come with any ribbons and I'm not sure if these shoes originally had them. I wouldn't be surprised if they made the mold for ribbons at one time and either eliminated the ribbons during production or reused the shoes without sealing up the holes. I can always add them if I want to, but I most likely won't bother. I'm glad I got these shoes, they actually work really well for Live Action and Living Barbie dolls and I know I don't have enough cute shoes for them.

There was also a single shoe just like the pumps above, just in dark blue. I'm keeping it, but I really doubt I'll even find it's match. Into the solo shoe bag it goes.

The other solo shoes in the lot are as follows: a florescent orange 90's era Barbie pump from Malaysia, a thin cheap dollar store clone blue pump with the "vampire" bites on the bottom, and a right foot blue open toe sandal marked Taiwan. I'm going to keep all of them, but will most likely only bother to hunt down the mate for the Taiwan shoe. And even that's iffy since I don't have many 80's doll's to dress.

Stay tuned for our next part! (Whenever that may be)


  1. The pink 90s boots are fake flats, right? I hate those too. They just make the legs look freakishly long and weirdly proportioned.

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