Monday, April 25, 2016

Random stuff I don't have a cute name for!

Our next section is all things that I didn't have a set group for. So I'm grouping them together in their un-groupable-ness.

Up first we have a necklace. This is actually the newest item in the lot. I can't remember exactly where it came from but I believe it's from the early Fashionista era. It's made out of a deep pink plastic and is very much a statement piece. I can't remember if I've owned one of these before, but I know I won't for long. It's destined for the doll donation bin. It's in nice shape and should make a kid very happy.

Next we have a pair of hair picks. These are Barbie sized, not something you'd actually use for the doll's hair. They're not super flimsy, but they're not made from the strongest of plastic. I'm not sure if these are for Barbie or another doll. I actually have a few of these already. The bottom part is the same, just with a different topper. The two in this lot are identicle. Made out of a purple plastic they both have a vaguely flower looking top with four tines at the bottom. They're completely unmarked and in decent shape except for some extra plastic and slight warping at the bottom. I'll just toss them into the bag with the other ones and never think about them again. Does anyone know where they're from? I think they're just standard clone items. Perhaps cloned from something official.

After that we have some silverware. Made from white plastic we have a set of two knives, spoons, and forks. They're still attached to the plastic they were made on. These might be 80's or 90's Barbie but I haven't been able to identify them yet. They look to be decent quality with only minor excess plastic that needs trimming. I'm not going to remove them from the plastic, I don't have a need for a set of silverware right now. I might throw them up on E-bay or just tuck them away for now. Luckily they're small so they don't take up much space.

After that we have a pink clone Mirror. This is so familiar I know I had one growing up, in fact I might still have it if I dug through some of the random bags I have kicking around. I think mine's purple. Anyway, this mirror is your standard clone quality. This one does have several spots where it needs excess plastic trimmed off. Made from a thin plastic it's very easily bent, but does quickly pop back into shape. It does have a small bit of silver foil in it to mimic an actual mirror. For what it is, that's a nice touch. Not sure what I'm going to do with it, I might trim off the plastic and toss it into the donate pile. Maybe some kid will want to play with it.

Next we have a soda cup, again I had something like this in my childhood. It's a white plastic cup designed to look like a glass of soda with a lid and an attached straw. It's a bit different than the one I have from childhood. Mine is hard plastic, this one is a cheaper blow mold. Other than that they are identicle. They both have a green sticker wrapped around the cup part that says "SODA". What kind you ask? Well the sky's the limit! As long as it's soda and ideally something to do with a red dot since the O in soda is a big red dot for some reason. I'll be holding onto this, just in case I ever need a soda cup. 

After that we have a plastic phone. Made from white plastic it's a princess style phone. It's actually made up of two pieces, the dial rotary is in fact a separate piece. You can move it if you want to, but it's hard to do. There's even a sticker underneath it of the numbers. Not sure why they even bothered. The numbers aren't aligned properly and the holes are too small to even see the numbers under it. It is a cute phone, but the plastic "cord" between the base and the handset makes it hard to use. It's so stiff that the handset can't be placed on the base, it wants to rest behind the base (like it is in the picture). I guess that would only work if you wanted to pretend the person had put the phone down for a second. The stiff cord also makes it hard to use it with dolls. Even a doll with decent articulation will have a hard time holding the headset to their ear since the base wants to float up. I will be keeping this, but if I wanted to use it, I'd need to replace the cord. But I doubt I will. I really don't think I'll actually ever use it. It's just too cute to get rid of. I remember this style of phone from my childhood. Mine was made from purple plastic but other than that I think they're the exact same.

Changing gears, we have something slightly different, a pair of clone eyeglasses. Made from a soft slightly translucent red plastic, these glasses are vaguely cat eye in their design. They are made from one piece and when you try to straighten out the ears, tend to bow in the middle. They are unmarked, but if I had to guess, I'd say they were from Hong Kong. They do suffer from some excess plastic on the edges, but I'm not going to do anything about that. They're so delicate I think removing it would damage it. Interesting note, they have three nubs on the backside of them around where the nose piece is in real glasses. I assume these are to keep them off your doll's face. I like them and will be keeping them, but don't think I'll ever use them. They don't look that nice and I do worry about them staining a doll's face, but they're cute so I'll hold onto them.

After that (and finally) we have a white vanity set. Made from plastic we have a brush, comb, and mirror. These are doll sized and have a cut out for the doll's hand so she can hold them. I think these are Mattel and maybe from the 80's. The backs of the brush and mirror are decorated with flowers. The mirror has a foil sticker in it for added realism. I'll probably post these on Flickr to see if anyone can identify them for me. If they can, I might list them on Ebay. Perhaps someone will want them.

Random stuff done! Onto our next section! Just two more to go!

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