Friday, April 29, 2016

The Grand Finale! (More Shoes!)

We've finally reached the end of our posts from the Etsy lot. I honestly didn't think we'd get to this point. We very nearly didn't since I started talking about this in April and it's now late June and I'm just getting back to it. I had been meaning to finish it, but things just got in the way and per usual I was focused on other projects. However today I was cleaning stumbled across the stuff I hadn't talked about and got motivated and wanted to get it all finished and all put away. So let's get the finale started!

 You've already seen two listings devoted to shoes from the lot, that's the topic for this post too. There were a lot of shoes within the lot, that's why I bought it. I saved the bests for last, the shoes that were the reason why I couldn't pass this lot up. I'm sure by the end of this post you'll understand why.

First up we have a pair of felt slippers. Made from a hot pink felt these slippers have a strap of pink felt that's been decorated with a bright green chiffon ruffle. They belong to Skipper's nightgown "Lullaby Lime (1971)". They look to be in decent shape with minor play wear. I don't have any other part of the outfit, but if I ever do I'll have the shoes to go with it! I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up with it. I have some weird knack for stumbling across vintage Barbie nightwear.  

Those weren't the only felt shoes in the lot. Also included were a pair of felt booties that belonged to Barbie's "Sweet Dreams (1972)" pajama set. Made out of a slightly darker pink felt than the first pair, these boots are simple but cute. They have a single gold button on the front of them for decorations. The booties weren't the only thing from the lot from that outfit. I also got the vanity set. We have a mirror, a brush, and a comb. All made from a hot pink plastic, they're all super small and super cute. They are all marked Japan and the mirror even has the classic B logo molded into the back (I originally thought this was a more modern piece since I was used to that logo on all my childhood items). They're in pretty good shape except the bristles on the brush are a bit warped. I wonder if the child actually tried using them on a doll. They're so thin they're really only for show. While doing my research for this post I've seen just the vanity set listed for around 10 dollars on E-bay, so getting it as part of the lot was a pretty good deal.

Also in the lot we have a pair of Barbie shoes. These are they skinny 80's era heels that I love and pick up whenever I find them (I have several different shoe molds that I collect in all types of colors). These are the smokey gray ones with embedded silver glitter. They are marked on the bottom as being made in the Philippines. I already have at least one pair of these, possibly two, but I think they're from Hong Kong (but don't quote me on that). I'll add these to the spare bag and use them when I see fit. They are really cute shoes and I love having multiples.

After that we have two pairs of pilgrim shoes. Both pairs are a rich blue color, very similar in color but a shade or two different so you can tell which pair is which. They are both unmarked, which is common in Mattel made pilgrim shoes. They are really good quality so I'm confident they are official Mattel made products. My first real pair of pilgrims! They're not my favorite style of shoe, but I'm glad I have them in case I ever do need them. They haven't been played with much, the only issue is that one of them has an indent in the back, but overall it's not too terrible. I'm going to tuck these away into the vintage Barbie shoe storage for when I might need them.

Next we have a pair of white Skipper flats. They are marked on the bottom as being from the Philippines, so they're probably from the 80's, early 80's if I'd had to make a guess. These shoes aren't the same mold as vintage Skipper shoes, but they're close enough for my purposes. I have so few skipper shoes and so many of them are so fragile I worry about them splitting when on the doll. They are a little thin, so I'd worry about a straight leg doll cracking them, but one of the bend leg dolls can wear them. They also fit Francie, but are a bit of a tight fit. I wouldn't leave them on her since she'd also probably split them. Usually I just display vintage Skipper shoes next to the doll that's supposed to wear them. It keeps them safe.

After that we have a pair of red flats. Made from a very squishy rubber, these shoes can fit either Francie or Barbie. I haven't identified which outfit they came with originally, but both dolls have had outfits released with this shoe mold. They marked on the bottom of each shoe with Japan. This is my first made in Japan pair, but not my first pair of these shoes. These are the flat shoes that Mattel is still using, just in hard plastic. I bet this shoe mold is the longest used shoe mold in Barbie's history. They're really in very nice shape. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but I don't think I have any red ones, new or vintage. I'll have to scan the collection and see if any Francie doll needs a shoe upgrade. I have so few shoes that look good on them any new pair is appreciated! 

Continuing on with Francie shoes, we have another pair for her. These are vastly different from the last pair. Made from an apple green hard plastic these shoes are sized just for Francie's feet. They have a kitten heel as well as a peep hole at the toe. They are also both marked Japan on the bottom. They are in very nice shape, but one of them has a split at the peep hole, which I think these shoes are prone to do. I haven't identified which outfit these shoes belong to either.

Next we have a bit of a head scratcher. When I was just looking at the lot from pictures, I thought it was another pair of Francie shoes. A pair of red kitten heels, similar to a pair I already had. However when they arrived I realized something, they were HUGE. Easily twice the size of a regular Francie shoe. Despite the large size, the shoe and Francie's shoe have a lot in common. They share the same proportions, and a general look. I'm still trying to find out where this shoe came from, but I'd bet they had a shared history with Francie's footwear. They have too much in common to not. They are completely unmarked, and I spent some time trying them on different sized feet in the collection. They fit most dolls, but they tend to be too big and make the doll's feet look oversized. Right now the best fit was Ideal's Misty, but her feet were slightly too big and stretched them out in places. I thought they could be the Ideal Samantha from Bewitched shoes, but I looked it up and I think it's a different shoe mold used for that doll. I'll keep everyone posted if I find out anything about it.

Here's the shoe next to a Francie shoe to show the size difference. The penny is there to show scale.
Next we switch over to Barbie. Here we have a classic Barbie open toe shoes, in what I believe is the color fuchsia (looks hot pink to me). They are properly marked with the left shoe marked Japan and the right shoe unmarked. This color is hard to find and came with the following outfits; Fraternity Dance (1965), Jump Into Lace (1968), Pink Sparkle (1967), and Underliners (1968). Oddly enough I have Underliners from a different lot of things, but I didn't have the shoes. These are in really nice shape and in a color I certainly don't have yet!

After that we have a pair thigh high gold boots for Barbie. These either came from "Winter Wow (1969)" or the Sears exclusive "Golden Groove Set (1969)". I'm betting Winter Wow. They are quite a bold look, made completely out of a metallic gold fabric these boots are very mod. They are in decent shape, the gold is fine one one side, but the other side has the gold rubbing off showing the silver which is very common with these boots. I'm planning on reselling these since I can't see ever using them and I worry about the fabric continuing to age.  I'd rather sell them and get some of my money back and not have them.

Our last pair is the biggest reason why I decided to jump on this lot when I saw it. It's a pair of vintage Barbie close toe shoes. These are the aqua colored ones that came either with "Barbie Learns to Cook (1965)" or "Knit Hit (1968)". They're both correctly marked on the bottom Japan. These shoes are a harder to find color since it came with only two outfits. In my experience there's two types of closed toe shoes (not counting spikes), the ones made from shiny plastic and the ones made from a more matte plastic. These are the shinier plastic. They are in amazing shape, just perfect. If these weren't marked Japan I'd assume they were brand new. They really are just so stunning, and most likely worth around 25 on their own. I don't have a lot of vintage Barbie shoes so I'm thrilled to get a pair as nice as this one.
So that was the thrilling conclusion of the random lot from Etsy. I think I did pretty good for 25 dollars. And I'm glad to finally share it all with you!

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