Friday, April 29, 2016

Train me, that's all I'm asking.

So I started my new job at the end of last week, and I don't really like it.

I mean, I don't hate the job. It's another sales position and I've done that before and done well with it so I know I can do the job and perhaps even grow to like it.

My issue is with my training, or lack thereof. My first day (a week ago yesterday) was the start of my computer training lasting 6 hours. Sunday I came in and finished up my training and that lasted about 5 hours. The next day I was starting on the floor. I got a little bit of training from the sales associate, but when the day was roughly half over I was doing what my job will be. Helping customers, getting the items out of the two stockrooms (where I have NO idea where anything is), and ringing them up. The other sales associates were helpful in answering questions and things like that but I was pretty much on my own since they were also doing their own jobs.

I had the next day off, and the next day when I went in the manager made a comment about how it was good I was there since the department had been busy, which is shocking since I'm brand new I'm training, not reserves. That day was pretty much the same, things pointed out as they came up but I was pretty much doing the job as I will be, on my second day on the floor with a very confusing stock room to sort out. I also got a phone call from the loss prevention person telling me he didn't know I was supposed to be there today so he almost came down when he saw me behind the registers on the cameras. It's like, why are you telling me that? I guess it's good to know that communication there is just as bad as it was at my last job but that doesn't make me feel comfortable. I'm there because I'm supposed to be. He also told me that he'll observe me for a week and then talk to me about loss prevention. If you want me to do a good job, train me. Don't correct me after the fact, train me and then correct if I make a mistake.  

Luckily a lot of what I'm doing is similar to what I've done before so I'm able to apply what I already know to this new situation, but it's all so frustrating. There are several things that are different that are taking a little time to adjust to (like their registers being ancient) and several things that are brand new. I want to learn so I can do a good job. And while I am certainly learning now, it's all on the fly so it's the bare minimum. I want to be able to do a good job, but that does not seem to be their priority.

I'm also back to being scheduled 5 days, which I hate. I know it's retail and blah, blah, blah but I'm part time. I don't need to be there 5 days. I'll do long days I just only 4 of them. I didn't tell them that when they hired me because they didn't ask, but I'm not going to fight that fight right now. They even called me to work on Saturday night today. I missed the phone call since when I'm at home I don't usually keep my phone on me, but I am not coming in. Either they don't have someone or they think it's going to be a busy time and I am NOT putting myself in that situation. I have literally had two days learning that department. On Monday I'm going to be on my own for an hour when the other associate goes to lunch. I am far from thrilled about it. At this point I just don't want to go back there, but I will. 

I am going to try to ride it out. I'm not planning on being there forever and if I can hold on for 11 months I'll hopefully be moving by then. However it doesn't hurt to keep looking. I would feel bad jumping ship so quickly after joining them, but really it's not like they've invested a lot in training me.

In another frustrating note, the job is commission (which again was not told to me until late in the game), and I'm not sure if I'm getting training pay. So I might be digging myself into a hole that I have to pay them back while training. I even got to work off the clock for almost a half an hour the other day. My last job was a bad situation, and I'm thinking I really didn't change anything as much as I just relocated to a different bad situation.   

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  1. That all sounds pretty brutal but the commission thing is really bad. I suppose since you think you'll be gone this time next year you might grin and bear it but I hope you still get a fair paycheck out of all this.