Sunday, May 8, 2016

Alice fell down the rabbit hole and she is a mess!

I went to Walmart today before work. I was on the looking for the African American Made to Move doll, no luck there. They had Barbie and Lea, but neither of the other two dolls. I was disappointed, but I have plans to get her. I was just hoping to find her there since it does make it easier.

However I did see that my Walmart had gotten a display of the Jakks Pacific Alice in Wonderland dolls from the new Disney movie. I was curious to see them in person and was tempted by the Alice in the blue dress for the blue dress. I was lucky since that doll was the cheapest at 19.99. The line ranges from 19.99 to 59.99. My store had a large display with around 12 Alice dolls and on the side they had the more expensive dolls. I looked at the expensive dolls, but fantasy dolls really aren't my thing.

I also looked at every single Alice doll and let me tell you, every single doll was a MESS. The most consistent issue I saw was the neckline was very messed up on a lot of them. It's a sheer neckline sewn with black contrast stitching so it really shows when it's off. I did see a couple dolls where the neckline was both even and lay properly, but every single one of those had their issues too. I saw dolls where the fabric had gotten tucked and sewn down in random places, a doll where the bottom ruffle had gotten misaligned and sewn down, and I even saw a doll where the cut edge of the fabric where the skirt and bodice met was on the outside! Several doll's skirt had these random dark spots on them (like they had gotten wet or something had spilled on the fabric). I did pick out a doll and was almost going to get her, but she had these three random black spots on her face. I wasn't sure if it was a stain or something molded into the plastic that will never come out, so I left her. I sort of still want the doll, but not sure if I'll ever find one that's decently done.

These dolls are definitely a don't buy online item. I cannot stress how poor quality these dolls were. And it's super shocking, the Oz doll I bought from them was very nice condition. And they are 20 dollars! That's the price Mattel sells the Style dolls, who have an outfit made up of separate pieces, two pairs of shoes, and articulation. Jakks Pacific must not have any quality control. These dolls were seriously all a mess.  


  1. I hadn't heard about these dolls, so I went and looked them up. Even in the promotional picture, that blue dress looks like a hot mess. Plus, the striped "mitts" she wears just looked like a strip of knit fabric in the picture, with not even a thumb hole. If you're not too attached to the animal design on the bottom of Alice's skirt, you might be better off finding it made by an independent sewer.

    1. I was at TRU last night and saw a couple of Alice dresses that were not too bad. The worst flaw I saw on one of the dresses was a couple of stitches showed where the pointed bodice and the skirt were joined. So maybe there's hope!