Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Shoe Discovery!

I was playing around with some Barbie shoes the other day and discovered something neat.

See these curvy Barbie Shoes?

See these Barbie Look feet?

See those curvy Barbie Shoes on those look feet?

The curvy Barbie high heel shoes fit the left/right specific Barbie feet really well. I even tried a second pair on the doll to make sure it wasn't a fluke. 

Now the shoes aren't perfect, the arch of the doll's foot is a bit higher than the shoe so if the doll is standing the heel doesn't touch the floor exactly. 
Notice how the doll's foot is higher in the back than the front.
However after a lifetime of Barbie flats being worn on tiptoe, this slight raised heel really isn't that extreme. 
They even fits Silkstones. 

I don't have any flat curvy Barbie shoes yet, so I can't say if they fit, but I am excited about these shoes fitting. I do have a small collection of model muse shoes, but these shoes are a little more casual so I'm excited that they fit since more shoe options is always a good thing!

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  1. The only doll with flat feet I have besides curvy Barbie, is a Made to Move doll. The curvy and MTM dolls can't share shoes.